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Hero of Hacksaw Ridge Book & The Conscientious Objector: DVD

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Get the Desmond Doss documentary and book in this powerful, inspiring package!

Desmond Doss was no ordinary soldier. He refused to carry a weapon in battle, choosing instead to serve as a medic—to save lives rather than take them—a choice that earned him the ridicule of his commanding officers and fellow soldiers. Yet, as his comrades retreated under a hail of mortar fire and bullets, Doss bravely refused to leave the wounded behind on the battlefield. Wounded and bloodied, he repeatedly crawled back and forth through mud, blood, and destruction across enemy lines—rescuing 75 fellow soldiers from certain death. What could inspire such conviction and bravery? What drove his heroism, not only on the battlefield but to stand for his principles without compromise?

Amazing Facts has created this special bundle that will inspire your faith and help you share the faith that inspired Desmond.


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