Winning Ways to Witness by David Hartman

David Hartman

Winning Ways to Witness by David Hartman

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Winning Ways to Witness shows how every believer can witness in his or her own “armor” by exercising one of seven unique witnessing styles (prayer, friendship, service, testimony, invitation, conversation, and proclamation). Witnessing styles also integrate with the unique faith journeys of the individuals you’re witnessing to, in order to nudge them closer to Christ. This makes witnessing more pleasant for everyone! Through a combination of engaging stories, biblical illustrations, practical ideas, and reflection questions, David Hartman offers the liberating insight that soul winning can be an enjoyable process instead of a frustrating guilt trip.

The sharing questions at the end of each chapter make this book especially useful as a small group resource or a training curriculum. The content of this book is designed to start a witnessing revolution in your church!

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