Windows of Heaven by Doug Batchelor
Windows of Heaven by Doug Batchelor
Windows of Heaven by Doug Batchelor
Windows of Heaven by Doug Batchelor

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Windows of Heaven by Doug Batchelor

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Windows of Heaven by Doug Batchelor


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Lesson 18 in the Storacle Set.

See how the Bible answers the questions in this lesson, and more!

  1. Where did Jacob learn the concept of returning a tenth to God?
  2. What portion of our income belongs to God?
  3. What does God do with our tithe?
  4. Is the tithing system part of Moses' old law, which ended at the cross?
  5. But didn't Jesus condemn the tithing plan?
  6. What amazing promise does God make about tithing?
  7. God tells His people to bring all of the tithe into the storehouse. What does that mean?
  8. When we tithe, who really receives our money?
  9. In addition to my tithe, which belongs to God, what else does He ask of His people?
  10. How much should we give as offerings?
  11. What test did Adam and Eve fail that we must pass if we expect to inherit God's kingdom?
  12. What commandment are we breaking when we refuse to return tithes and offerings to God?
  13. What does God say will happen to those who knowingly rob Him of tithe and offerings?
  14. Why is covetousness so dangerous?
  15. How do you suppose Jesus feels when we rob Him of tithes and offerings?
  16. What other Bible principles does God share in regard to giving?
  17. What did the ladder that Jacob saw in his dream represent?
  18. What is the greatest gift we can give to Jesus?

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