What Your Counselor Never Told You by William Backus

Publisher: Bethany House
Author: William Backus

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All of us have struggles in life. We try to change our ways or thought patterns. We try to understand why life isn't going the way it should.
Perhaps you, your spouse, another family member, or a friend has needed some help. Visiting a counselor seemed to make no difference. No improvement. No breakthrough.
When healing doesn't occur or last, it may be because the root of the problem hasn't been exposed.
In What Your Counselor Never Told You, Dr. William Backus reveals the much ignored and denied basis for common emotional and psychological problems. Drawing from decades of research and practice, he shows that many distresses in life can be traced back to one of seven traits or characteristics, most commonly known as the Seven Deadly Sins. They key is understanding which of these traits are more dominant in your life, and therefore troublesome, and then learning how to embrace God's remedy.

William Backus

William BackusWilliam Backus, PhD, founded the Center for Christian Psychological Services. Before his death in 2005, he was a licensed clinical psychologist and an ordained Lutheran clergyman. He wrote many books, including What Your Counselor Never Told You.

What Your Counselor Never Told You by William Backus