Understanding Scripture An Adventist Approach by George W Reid

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The Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference has always been very interested in the vital role of the Bible in nurturing the community of believers. Consequently, it has sought to provide materials for study that will deepen the church members’ understanding of the Bible and will train them in how to study it by themselves.

This new volume, produced under the auspices of the Biblical Research Institute and the scholars of its Committee, addresses the question of how to interpret the Scriptures. Its fundamental purpose is to stimulate the study of the Scriptures, using basic principles of interpretation that will minimize, and, if possible, eliminate, arbitrary interpretations of the Word of God.

This volume introduces the readers to a series of principles of biblical interpretation that is compatible with the Adventist high view of the Bible as the Word of God. By including chapters dealing with the nature of revelation, inspiration, and the authority of the Bible, it reveals the scriptural presuppositions that Seventh-day Adventists bring to the text as they seek to obtain a better understanding of the Bible and of their own presuppositions.

Understanding Scripture An Adventist Approach by George W Reid