The Ultimate Deliverance by Bill May

Publisher: Amazing Facts
Author: Bill May

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It's no fairy tale -- one day, you can be free from all the hurt, hunger, loneliness, crime, and chaos infecting the world today. Doesn't that sound wonderful? But it's not going to be some charismatic earthly leader who's going to deliver you ... no, He's much more superior than that! Jesus is coming soon, but there are a lot of popular misconceptions regarding just how He's coming. So take a few minutes to understand what the Bible really says about the Second Coming so you won't be left behind!

  1. Will Jesus return to this earth the second time? Can we be positive?
  2. In what manner will Jesus return the second time?
  3. Will the second coming of Christ be visible to all men or only to a select group?
  4. Who will come with Jesus at His second coming, and why?
  5. What is the purpose of Jesus' second coming to this earth?
  6. What will happen to the righteous people when Jesus comes the second time?
  7. What will happen to the wicked people when Jesus comes again?
  8. How will Christ's second coming affect the earth itself?
  9. Does the Bible give specific information regarding the nearness of Christ's second coming?
  10. How may we know when we have reached the very last days of Earth's history? Does the Bible clearly describe the world and its people in the last generation?
  11. Just how near is the Lord's second coming?
  12. Satan is telling many falsehoods regarding the second coming of Christ and, with lying wonders and miracles, will deceive millions. How can I be certain I will not be deceived?
  13. How can I be certain to be ready when Jesus comes back?
  14. Of what great danger does Christ solemnly warn?
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Greenacres Fl

We all need to be delivered

I use all the books that I have gotten with my bible studies and they are all wonderful books and their,s nothing that is not well put together about all ur books,their all well written &put together

Mandy T.

Amazing Facts Indeed!!!!

I love this line of Study Guides!It's just the best and it's accurate

chicaco, il.

Interesting but flawed.

When one finds even one "lie" in a booklet of this type, the entire thing is suspect. On page 6 it talks about the "sun turned into darkness", and declares this to be the fullfilment of Matthew 24:29. It is NOT. There have been a number of days of darkness just like the one mentioned in the text, the most recent in 1950 if I remember correctly. Furthermore, it was only dark in a very small are of the entire world, hardly a worldwide event.

Smart M.

I read it over & over!

Thank you!!

Milan tn

really enjoyed it. very helpful

reference for a writing project

Oceanside, Ca.

This is true to the Title

These need to be spread out to everyone! Every one of these pamphlets always take you to your bible. Pastor Doug always says, What does the bible say about this? All the time! The literatures get you to your bible and make you wonder why you didnt do this before? Thank you Amazing Facts for your dedication to get God's message out to everybody.

marseilles il. usa

its the truth.

i read them and pass them out to someone i dont know.i cant get enough.these are the best gifts. good to study with family and friends. thank you and may GOD bless you.


It's a highlighter of my Bible.

I seek to know Jesus,I love scripture.this highlights with more understanding my Bible,the WORD of GOD,THY WORD IS TRUTH!!!!

anchorage alaska

This book is short but to the point.

I love this book and will continue to order more.

Bill May

Bill MayBill May was a man of vision and an instrumental force in the founding of the worldwide ministry of Amazing Facts. A former church conference president and longtime church employee, May was well-known for his ability to develop and innovate new ways of soul-winning. After meeting with a group of like-minded visionaries in early 1965, May felt impressed to start a new radio broadcast that would grab the attention of souls lost in the mire of secularism. As a result of his tireless efforts and his soul-winning legacy, Amazing Facts has become a multifaceted Christian ministry sharing the everlasting gospel around the world.

As an author, Bill May penned dozens of articles and books on Bible doctrines in a way that made it easy for people of all backgrounds to understand God’s Word and apply it to their everyday lives. He is also the writer of the popular Amazing Facts Study Guides, which have been distributed by the millions around the world and translated into dozens of languages.

The Ultimate Deliverance by Bill May