The Truth About the Sabbath by Jim Pinkoski

Publisher: Amazing Facts
Author: Jim Pinkoski

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An illustrated study of the seventh-day Sabbath, from Creation to today. Great for all ages!

Once a  week most Christians go to church. Some go to the early services, and others sleep in to catch the 11 am service. And the chances are, if you're like most Christians, you go to church on Sundays, the day referred to as "the first day of the week" int he Bible.

In this book we'll explain exactly how and why this has become the commonplace practice among the Christian world. When asked, most Christians are not aware of the exact history of the development of Sunday worship -- some even think that the Bible commands it -- but the truth of the origin of Sunday worship goes far beyond this, and it is time for all Christians to be aware of it!

The Lord wants us to seek His truth. At times we will hear things we like; at other times we may encounter material that challenges us; but the Lord expects us to read, study, and learn from the Holy Word, and to accept the light of His truth as it illuminates our minds! 

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Karen V.
United States United States
Great to know the truth

I'm taking in all the facts slowly as I have been coloring each page. I'm stunned by the arrogance of those in history who believed they are entitled to change God's Word. I used to be Catholic when young; always thought it odd they never encouraged us to own or read the Bible. Now I know why. Thank you so much!

Grand Island, NE

I am more of an audio learner. I rushed thru these books. I wonder if I would have enjoyed these more as a younger person who had not heard these things already. I was saved thru Christian magazines and radio as a teen. I'll keep these around for any younger persons to read.

England, UK
The Sabbath Truth so Easily Explained

I remember first reading this book when I was young and I have enjoyed reading it again now years later as much as I did back then. I love the "comic" style, it really grabs your attention! I intend to purchase more of these to share with others. Great product!

Truth S.
Dallas, TX
Good Resource

This book can be used as a reference. The design is done in "Comic Book / Cartoon" format. Although it provides the reader with factual information, it lacks references, especially when it comes to historical statements. It can be given to someone who wants a general knowledge about the Sabbath's origins. If you want a more academic/scholarly book on the Sabbath there are others that you can order from this website. Overall, its an easy informational read that is easy to follow. I recommend it.

Would love to see this booklet updated

My wife got this book (and several other AF books) as a gift from relatives, and I finally got around to reading through this one. Definitely a lot of info to absorb in this booklet. I like what it says, but it didn't seem to deliver it in the best way to me. The narrator says up front he's not angry, but felt like he was through the entire book. It is a great tool to teach the Sabbath message, just would like to see it updated sometime.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Excellent for anyone

This is a great gift for anyone who wants to have more knowledge of, teach others of or use as reference for the Sabbath

Amsterdam, New York
This is a real blessing!

I bought this to share with others the Biblical TRUTH about the sabbath. I pray it will be a blessing to them.

Lincoln, CA
Fun book!

This is great for young people! My daughter is 10 and she liked this book. The pictures kept her interst. The topic didn't get too in depth, but it was good overview for her. I'll buy other books in this set when I can.

Roseville, CA
Don't judge this book by its cover

When I first saw this book I thought it would not be for me. Once I started reading it, the way it explained the information was great. It gave facts in order so that you could see the changes occuring. This book should help you make a decision about the sabbath.

Jim Pinkoski

Jim PinkoskiI wanted to be an artist and a cartoonist since I was 10 years old -- I am entirely self-taught, and I learned to draw from copying and tracing my favorite comic artists. I was voted "Most Artistic" in my high school yearbook.

I was raised Presbyterian, but our family eventually stopped going to church. In 1968 I went off to college at Sacramento State College, but dropped out in my 2nd year -- I only wanted to take ART classes, but the school made me take all these "general education" classes! I should have known that the only school I really belonged at was an Art School -- or better yet, I should have been in a cartoonist studio somewhere, but all of those seemed to be in New York or Los Angeles -- not where we lived!

The Truth About the Sabbath by Jim Pinkoski