The Media Mind by Scott Ritsema Belt of Truth
The Media Mind by Scott Ritsema Belt of Truth

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The Media Mind by Scott Ritsema Belt of Truth

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The Media Mind by Scott Ritsema Belt of Truth


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The verdict is in. Entertainment and social media addiction are saturating the lives of millions of individuals and families. Tragically, the cyber 'space' of the virtual, counterfeit reality has displaced the joy of God's amazing reality.

  • The majority of 11-year-olds have never climbed a tree EVER...and 75% of kids spend less time outdoors than prison inmates! Is it time to learn to be human again?

  • Hypnosis, attention-space, dopamine-addiction...What does the latest science say about mind-altering effects of 21st century media?

  • The emotional and social consequences of digital immersion are absolutely rocking the mental health profession. Is there any way out of the trap?

In these fast-paced, eye-opening overview sessions, watch how 'big tech' orchestrated the most nefarious plot since the cigarette-smoking craze of the 20th century. Hear the biggest names in entertainment admit their spiritual allegiance to evil spirits. And be inspired by a God who knows how to maximize out joy.

Presented by Scott Ritsema

  • Disc 1: How to Be Human Again

  • Disc 2: The Disconnected Childhood

  • Disc 3: Antisocial Media

  • Disc 4: Digital Pharmakeia

  • Disc 5: People of the Book in the Age of the App

  • Disc 6: MP3s of all sessions of Media on the Brain and The Media Mind

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