The Marked Bible (Audiobook) by Charles Taylor

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The Marked Bible (Audiobook) by Charles Taylor

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When Harold Wilson found a Bible hidden away in his sailor's chest, he flung the book over the ship's railing and into the sea. Harold would have nothing to do with the Bible his mother had so lovingly marked in hopes that he would read its pages and turn from his life of crime and vice. But like Jonah the runaway prophet, Harold couldn't run from God, no matter how hard he tried.

The classic story of a mother's love, a rebellious son, and the transforming power of God's Word. With the drama of a trans-Pacific Ocean voyage as a backdrop, the "marked Bible" takes center stage in the lives of Harold and his traveling companions as a strange preacher begins to reveal a forgotten truth from its pages. The entire ship is in an uproar, and soon lives will be changed forever.

An electrifying story of what can happen when sincere hearts pursue God's truth, no matter the cost.

This little work is a composite life picture, not unreal, of the struggle of souls enmeshed in sin and prejudice, for light and truth. He shows the wisdom of the humble disciple and the power of the Word to lead the soul through it all to restful triumph in Christ. There is not a phase of life presented in this booklet against the truth of God, or that has not been witnessed over and over in the great throngs of humanity.


A Rebellious Son, a Mother's Love; A Godly Sea Captain's Answered Prayer; Sad News From Home; Fighting Against God; On The Upward Way; A Real Missionary; An Embarrassed Captain; An Embarrassed Minister; Theological Disagreement and Confusion; A Ship Captain On the Day Line; The Strange Preacher Talks; Interested Questioners; A Sabbath Rescue from the Drowning; Meeting God in the Way; Light from Prophecy; A Choice That Is Vital; The Fruitage of the Marked Bible.