The Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD (Sharing Edition) by Doug Batchelor

Publisher: Amazing Facts
Speaker: Doug Batchelor

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If you want to share The Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD then this Sharing Edition is what you need. In a new, redesigned slim case this Sharing Edition has all the features of the full version, and you can mail it with no extra packaging.

Also available for mass mailing to a zip code of your choice (call for details). Only available in bulk orders of 10 or more. The Final Events of Bible Prophecy is a gripping 43-minute documentary on last-day events. Hosted by author and evangelist Pastor Doug Batchelor, this amazing DVD leads you step by step through seven end-time "events," including signs of the end, Christ's return, the millennium, and more.

Featuring stunning special effects and a rich music soundtrack, this one-of-a-kind presentation is packed with Bible references that give you a clear and straightforward look at what the Bible really has to say about the last days of

Earth's history. An awesome resource to share in study groups or with friends and family!

The multi-language documentary includes the following audio tracks: English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, and Bulgarian.

Subtitles are available in English, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian.

En un nuevo paquete, Los Acontecimientos Finales de Profecía de Biblia son un agarrar documental de 43 minutos en acontecimientos de último-día. Acogido por autor y Pastor evangelista Doug Batchelor, este DVD asombroso le dirige da un paso por paso por siete "acontecimientos" de final-tiempo inclusive signos del fin, el regreso de Cristo, el milenio, y más. 

Representando que aturde efectos de especial y una banda sonora rica de música, esta presentación fuera de serie es empacada con referencias de Biblia que dan usted un claro y sincero mira lo que la Biblia tiene realmente que decir acerca de los últimos días de la historia de la tierra. ¡Un recurso impresionante compartir en un grupos de estudio o con amigos y familia!

El documental del multi-idioma incluye los vestigios siguientes de audio: Inglés, español, alemán, portugués, francés, ruso, chino Mandarines y búlgaro. Los subtítulos están disponibles en inglés, sueco, danés y noruego.

El documental en varios idiomas incluye las siguientes pistas de audio: inglés, español, alemán, portugués, francés, ruso, chino mandarín y búlgaro.

Los subtítulos están disponibles en inglés, sueco, danés y noruego.

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Lindie M.
United States

Great Sharing DVD!

Great Video for sharing, I have reordered it a few times!

Victor P.
United States United States

I've watched this dvd several times, I also bought them for all four of our kids. simple but always great!!

Dolores W.
United States United States

Final Events DVD

Since I first viewed this DVD,I've given out many,many copies along with The Bible Textionary Many are impressed with both items.

John O.
United States United States



Sachene W.
United States United States



Theresa R.
United States United States

Easy to understand

Shared with my daughter and son-in-law. They have a better understanding of the Bible.

Robert A.
United States United States

Perfect missionary gift for my family

William D.
United States United States

Wonderfully truthful

These have been great informatics and study tools. Keep giving them away need to gets set to keep.

Sue J.
United States United States

Final Events

Love it. Beautifully done & with great thought on how to present the Truth. I just moved to Arkansas and I’ve not had a chance share them as yet.

Carlie C.
United States United States

These were recieved right on

These were recieved right on time!

Doug Batchelor

Doug BatchelorAs a teenager, Doug Batchelor had everything money could buy—everything but happiness. His search led him to drugs, fights, and suicidal fantasies. Convinced that life held no purpose, he soon found himself scavenging food from garbage bins and living in a cave in the hills above Palm Springs.

The happiness Doug wanted eluded him until the day he began reading the dust-covered Bible someone had left in his cave. What happened next can only be described as a miracle! Today, Pastor Doug is president of Amazing Facts, an international multimedia ministry, and can be seen and heard around the world on television and radio programs such as Sabbath School Study Hour, Amazing Facts Presents, and Bible Answers Live.

Doug's down-to-earth approach to living the Christian life stems from his own experiences. He is an energetic man of vision and deep spirituality with an unusual ability to communicate not only to church members, but also to the millions of secular-minded people of today. He is the author of dozens of books, including, The Richest Caveman, Caveman Theology, Shadows of Light, Broken Chains, and At Jesus’ Feet .

The Final Events of Bible Prophecy DVD (Sharing Edition) by Doug Batchelor