The Bible Truth about Hell: Separating the Facts from the Fables by Amazing Facts
The Bible Truth about Hell: Separating the Facts from the Fables by Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts

The Bible Truth about Hell: Separating the Facts from the Fables by Amazing Facts

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Biblical Clarity About One of the Most Misunderstood Subjects in Christianity!

Is hell a real place … or just a metaphor? Are sinners tortured in hellfire for eternity? Is the devil in charge of it all? These questions and more are answered in this brand-new sharing magazine from Amazing Facts International.

More and more people are being driven away from Christianity by false teachings about hellfire.

Now you can help them know the good news!

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Through major discounts you can reach your whole community for Christ with this end-time Bible truth about earth’s final superpower.

For as low as $1 per magazine + mailing costs, you can send this truth-filled magazine directly to the homes in your city or neighborhood!

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The Truth about ****!

My wife has read it already and thought that it was very well written!


Truth about ****

This was so very helpful for a Bible study we have on Sabbaths. Thank you.


Book on Death & ****

A interesting look from scripture on what to expect upon death.


Bible Truth about ****

Very well written and clear to understand


"Truth about ****" booklet

a very good thorough Biblical explanation of what "****" is , and more importantly , what it isn't !!! well worth reading


The Truth is hard to find in today’s churches.



Excellence in righting a great wrong

I have many times read and studied about the subject of the supposed "never-ending hellfire and punishment". Indeed I've spent some time in Greek interlinear Bibles. And I've gathered so many other scriptures negate the idea everlasting life in agony. The Bible is clear that God would never allow that, let alone instigate it. But there are the those unfortunate translators, bless their hearts, who could not find better wording for certain phrases, like "forever and ever" that imply something dark about God's righteous judgement. This publication is the best and most concise explanation I have ever read. I shared it because of providence. You see, I am currently studying with a believer of another faith. He is just learning about things that might not be taught in his current church family. He said to me, "I have a few questions for you about this first and second resurrection and about the lake of fire." I thought about this question while I was at work that day. Late that afternoon, I came home to a copy of this magazine in my mailbox. I paged quickly through and saw the topic laid out in the most honest way, nothing left out, full disclosure! Clearly the Spirit of the Lord has blessed. The Lord really prepared me by way of this magazine for an event I could never have expected. I woke early one morning, compelled to read it more carefully. And in the evening, I knew why. I was able to share with two precious people who needed to hear some truth, not fables that leave them confused. You would not believe the things they said to me, I cannot repeat. I encouraged them to look for themselves in the Bible. After an hour and a half of discussion next to their car, there I prayed for them and their family right there in the parking lot. They accepted a copy of this magazine and expect me to contact them again. In this magazine, I am thankful for the careful and precise wording, excellent language. I am thankful for the thoughtful organization, research and details. I am thankful this arrived in my mailbox exactly when needed.

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