The 666 Beast Identified By Steve Wohlberg

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Author: Steve Wohlberg

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"There is wisdom. Let him Who has understanding calculate the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man: His number is 666." – Revelation 13:18

This mysterious verse has baffled Bible students for centuries, yet it also appeals to us to find "wisdom," "understanding," and to correctly "calculate the number of the beast," which adds up to 666. If we take Revelation 13:18 at face value, it must be possible to correctly identify both "the beast" and his strange "number." As we approach Earth's final crisis, this book will help you crack the code.

More importantly, what does the beast and his wicked "number" have to do with you? To learn startling facts that affect your future, read this book!


"The 666 Beast Identified is a most enlightening book. Written in a simple, straightforward manner, it is suitable for both ordinary and scholarly people. In some ways, it is like a detective story, but a true one, unmasking a very dangerous enemy that threatens our survival.”

– Edwin de Kock, author, The Truth About 666 and The Story of the Great Apostasy

"Having read several of Steve Wohlberg’s books, I can say with confidence that the reader is sure to come away both spiritually enlightened and deeply challenged.”

– Jerry A. Stevens, author, The 666 Factor

"World events are filling hearts with fear and there is renewed interest in Bible prophecy. As the editor of a periodical that tackles prophetic topics, I encourage everyone to read this book and then share it with others.”

– Betsy Mayer, Last Generation magazine

"The 666 Beast Identified is a must-read for honest seekers of truth.”

– Pastor Reinharddt Stander

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Steve Wohlberg

Steve WohlbergWhite Horse Media is directed by television producer, radio host, and international seminar speaker Steve Wohlberg. A Jewish Christian from Los Angeles, Mr. Wohlberg has earned a B.A. degree in Theology from La Sierra College (Riverside, CA) and his Masters of Divinity degree from Andrews Seminary (Berrien Springs, MI). A prolific writer and speaker, he has written 30+ books on a variety of Bible topics, has been a guest on over 500 radio and television shows, has been featured in three History Channel documentaries (Secrets of the Seven Seals; Strange Rituals: the Apocalypse; Armageddon Battle Plan), one National Geographic International documentary (Animal Armageddon), and has spoken by special invitation inside the Pentagon and U.S. Senate.

The 666 Beast Identified By Steve Wohlberg