Steps to Christ in Song by FountainView Academy

FountainView Academy

Steps to Christ in Song by FountainView Academy

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(Sharing Edition - Shortened)
Hasn’t Jesus done so much for you?  Don’t you want others to know Him?   

We are so excited to offer you the opportunity to share with MANY people, wherever you go—the beautiful truths of Jesus’ love and how every one of us can experience the happiness that only Jesus can give! 

Beautiful scenes of nature from British Columbia to the California coast and even red arches of Utah—all these elements now in a single DVD edition with a run time of approximately 2.5 hours and priced so you can share them by the dozen!   

Songs included:

  1. There is a Fountain
  2. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
  3. Amazing Grace
  4. Fill My Cup, Lord
  5. Do You Know My Jesus
  6. Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
  7. My Jesus Knows
  8. Calvary
  9. His Eye is on the Sparrow
  10. Brighten the Corner / Precious Lord
  11. Immortal, Invisible
  12. Spirit of God
  13. Count Your Blessings / Faith Unlocks the Door
  14. Always Cheerful
  15. The Savior is Waiting

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