Guias De Estudio De Hechos Asombrosos Juego Completo 1-27 (Amazing Facts Study GuideS Complete Set)

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Author: Bill May

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Nuestras lecciones bíblicas en ESPAÑOL más vendidas ya han ayudado a decenas de miles de personas en todo el mundo a descubrir las muchas verdades vitales e inspiradoras de la Biblia, ¡y ahora es su turno! Le encantarán los gráficos coloridos y llamativos, los hechos asombrosos y el aprendizaje paso a paso fácil de entender que lo ayudará a comprender mejor las enseñanzas más importantes de la Biblia de manera clara y completa.

Excelentes para el estudio personal o con un grupo, estas lecciones atractivas y edificantes lo llevarán a usted y a quienes las comparta con fe, esperanza y claridad.

Lecciones introductorias
Guía de estudio 1: ¿Quedará aún algo en lo que podamos confiar?
Guía de estudio 2: ¿Creó Dios al diablo?
Guía de estudio 3: Salvados de una muerte segura
Guía de estudio 4: Una ciudad colosal en el espacio
Guía de estudio 5: Secretos para un matrimonio feliz
Guía de estudio 6:¡Escritos sobre piedra!
Guía de estudio 7: El día que se perdió en la historia
Guía de estudio 8: La gran liberación
Guía de estudio 9: ¡Pureza y poder!
Guía de estudio 10: ¿Están los muertos realmente muertos?
Guía de estudio 11: ¿Está el diablo a cargo del infierno?
Guía de estudio 12: 1.000 años de paz
Guía de estudio 13: El plan médico gratuito de Dios
Guía de estudio 14: ¿Es legalismo la obediencia?

Lecciones avanzadas
Guía de estudio 15: ¿Quién es el Anticristo?
Guía de estudio 16: Mensajes de ángeles desde el espacio
Guía de estudio 17: Dios diseñó los planos
Guía de estudio 18: ¡Justo a tiempo!
Guía de estudio 19: El juicio final
Guía de estudio 20: La marca de la bestia
Guía de estudio 21: Los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica en la profecía bíblica
Guía de estudio 22: La "otra" mujer
Guía de estudio 23: La novia de Cristo
Guía de estudio 24: ¿Inspira Dios a los astrólogos y síquicos?
Guía de estudio 25: ¿En Dios confiamos?
Guía de estudio 26: Un amor que transforma
Guía de estudio 27: No hay vuelta atrás


Our bestselling SPANISH Bible lessons have already helped tens of thousands around the world discover the many vital, inspiring truths of the Bible—and now it’s your turn! You’re going to love the colorful, eye-catching graphics, amazing facts, and the easy-to-understand, step-by-step learning that will help you better grasp the Bible’s most vital teachings clearly and completely.

Excellent for personal study or with a group, these winsome, uplifting lessons will bring you and those you share them with faith, hope, and clarity.

Introductory Lessons
Study Guide 1:
Is There Anything Left You Can Trust?
Study Guide 2: Did God Create the Devil?
Study Guide 3: Saved from Certain Death
Study Guide 4: A Colossal City in Space
Study Guide 5: Keys for a Happy Marriage
Study Guide 6: Written in Stone!
Study Guide 7: The Lost Day of History
Study Guide 8: Ultimate Deliverance
Study Guide 9: Purity and Power!
Study Guide 10: Are the Dead Really Dead?
Study Guide 11: Is the Devil in Charge of Hell?
Study Guide 12: 1,000 Years of Peace
Study Guide 13: God’s Free Health Plan
Study Guide 14: Is Obedience Legalism?

Advanced Lessons
Study Guide 15: Who Is the Antichrist?
Study Guide 16: Angel Messages from Space
Study Guide 17: God Drew the Plans
Study Guide 18: Right on Time!
Study Guide 19: The Final Judgment
Study Guide 20: The Mark of the Beast
Study Guide 21: The United States in Bible Prophecy
Study Guide 22: The “Other” Woman
Study Guide 23: The Bride of Christ
Study Guide 24: Does God Inspire Astrologists and Psychics?
Study Guide 25: In God We Trust?
Study Guide 26: A Love that Transforms
Study Guide 27: No Turning Back

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Isabel H.
United States United States

Fantastic Bible Study Guides

These Study Guides are very informative. I appreciate how they cover so much information.

United States United States

I couldn't have the word of God explained to me any better.... It was so bible-based and I could understand it it was so eye-opening and amazing

Edna R.
United States United States

Me encanta estos estudios se aprende mucho

Benjamin J.
United States United States


It is amazing studying the Bible with my family with this amazing study guides

Mike Q.
United States United States

Study guides

It's great! Just waiting for the lessons 1 -14, which were not available. But the lessons 15 - 27 are great!! Good and precise answers to the questions. Great outreach tool!!

Wanda S.
United States United States

Excellent Bible study guides.

Very insightful information and easy to understand.

Isai C.
United States United States

I love this bible studies.

I did this studies when I came to the lord. 5 years later bought this for my mom.

Carol H.
United States United States

Well Received...Need Prayer

I bought English and Spanish for my son newly baptized in a "Rock" church and for his wife that both live in Yuma AZ. Her mother is now visiting for 3 months from Mexico City. My son commutes to San Diego for the work week and my daughter in law, her son and her mother are studying the spanish version each day. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit for all them, especially my son. Daughter in law plans to study the english version with hmi on the weekends and he is the one that is bitter towards his childhood of no sports on Sabbath. I do not want the devil to gain entry into the study of the other 3 in Spanish. They are super impressed at what they are learning. Unfortunately my son may be the negative factor. Please pray especially for the Holy Spirit in his behalf. He's been doctrinely, falsely schooled by the Pastor at the Rock type church he was baptized in last weekend. I'm happy of course and flew from the east coast to Yuma to witness it. Thank you for your prayers on all of their behalf.

Adrian A.
United States United States

Guia de estudio.

Excellent Book!!!!!!!!

New Castle, VA

Complete & Thorough Bible Study Guides

Pn the summary answer sheet, the numbers of the questions should match to where the answer was so that they can go back look for that number and find the Bible verse that will explain it.

Bill May

Bill MayBill May was a man of vision and an instrumental force in the founding of the worldwide ministry of Amazing Facts. A former church conference president and longtime church employee, May was well-known for his ability to develop and innovate new ways of soul-winning. After meeting with a group of like-minded visionaries in early 1965, May felt impressed to start a new radio broadcast that would grab the attention of souls lost in the mire of secularism. As a result of his tireless efforts and his soul-winning legacy, Amazing Facts has become a multifaceted Christian ministry sharing the everlasting gospel around the world.

As an author, Bill May penned dozens of articles and books on Bible doctrines in a way that made it easy for people of all backgrounds to understand God’s Word and apply it to their everyday lives. He is also the writer of the popular Amazing Facts Study Guides, which have been distributed by the millions around the world and translated into dozens of languages.

Guias De Estudio De Hechos Asombrosos Juego Completo 1-27 (Amazing Facts Study GuideS Complete Set)