Second Beast Rising (3 Volume Set, 24 DVDs) by Scott Ritsema Belt of Truth

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22 Episode Series!

A dragon.  A beast.  A second beast.  Revelation 13 describes a confederacy of evil that seizes upon an unimaginable global crisis to advance the final controversy of earth’s history.  That crisis is just about to break upon the world.  Do you understand the nature of the conflict?  Do you see the signs emerging?  Most importantly, do you have faith in Jesus – the shelter in the time of storm?

Second Beast Rising is a thorough and informative journey into the great controversy, religious liberty, current events, and the global crisis.

This series will not only give you a crash course on religious liberty in history, political science, and economics, but will also take the viewer on a whirl-wind tour through current and future events in the final crisis of earth’s history, dissecting the deceptions, separating hype from reality, and turning the attention to Jesus Christ.

The topics on these DVDs will be addressed in an academically and biblically sound manner, and will sound the trumpet to awaken souls to the lateness of the hour, pointing them to the only and final refuge in Jesus.

Scott Ritsema

Scott RitsemaScott Ritsema is a Bible teacher, author, and speaker who has presented seminars at camp meetings, teacher conventions, conferences, academies, camps, and churches throughout North America. Scott and his wife, Cami, began Belt of Truth Ministries in 2012 with a vision to share the truth about God, the truth about media, and last-days 'present truth' wherever God may lead. Scott's family currently resides in Lakeview, Michigan where Scott teaches part time at Great Lakes Adventist Academy.

Second Beast Rising (3 Volume Set, 24 DVDs) by Scott Ritsema Belt of Truth