Search For The Immortal Soul by Daniel Knauft

Publisher: Torchlight Intel
Author: Daniel Knauft

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Researcher and author Daniel Knauft probes the writings of Scripture, Plato, St. Augustine, and C. S. Lewis to unravel a mystery as old as time itself. What really happens at death? Does life, in fact, end, or is death just a transition to the next life? How did the ancient Greek philosophy of Plato's immortal soul infiltrate the early Christian church? Why does a belief system origination from God's enemy continue to be widely accepted and passed on to new generations of Christians without question? And, ultimately, does it make a difference?

Daniel Knauft

Daniel KnauftResearcher and author Daniel Knauft, M. Div., lives with his wife, Ann, in suburban Seattle, Washington, USA near the picturesque tourist destination, Snoqualmie Falls. The landscape surrounding their Victorian country home is known to their friends and family as Amethyst Gardens. It is a destination site for outdoor weddings and special occasions.

Daniel has thirty years experience in pastoral ministry and is a graduate of the Andrews University Theological Seminary in Berrien Springs, Michigan. From 1988 - 1994, he was Associate Director of the Northwest Evangelism Institute in the Seattle, Washington area.

Currently, Daniel is volunteer coordinator for All For Jesus Associates, a para-church ministry leading interested men and women into active personal witness suited to individual spiritual gifts.

Because of his love for people and a growing sense of urgency, Torchlight Intelligence was begun in 2006 to reach an expanding Internet audience that is showing a hunger to acquire a biblical worldview of the climactic issues and play-makers of the end times.

Search For The Immortal Soul by Daniel Knauft