Sealing Love Bible Memory Studies by Donna Nicholas

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Draw nearer to Jesus while you heighten your understanding and sharpen your memory on the subject of His life and His love. Memorize 30 different Bible studies with corresponding quotations from The Desire of Ages. Very effective, compact, and attractive.

Donna Nicholas

The beginnings of the Sealing Touch Memorizing Ministry were placed in my mind when as a very young child my mother taught me to memorize poems and present them at our small church. My memorizing and speaking continued in elementary school and high school as I performed in many readings, plays, and programs. When as a teenager, I began attending the young people's meetings in my church, I immediately began memorizing and presenting lessons. As an adult I changed from readings to writing up portions of the author's words from religious books and magazines, memorized them, and continued to present many programs. All those years while I loved memorizing and enjoyed speaking in front of people, I had no idea that God was preparing me for a ministry that would come in my senior years.

The Lord has blessed me almost beyond my ability to receive, as today I work constantly to compile new memory plans and continue to share the power of Scripture memory one-on-one, in churches and schools, in seminars, and in group meetings of many kinds. Twice I have made an appearance on 3ABN, a private television station, and have spoken at many women's retreats, campmeetings, and churches. Because of my love for young people, a special emphasis of my seminars is teaching youth to memorize.

In a world where athletic rivalry seems to have first place, I am thrilled with a God-given ministry that presents a competition that can be pursued by everyone: the feat of Scripture memory. This activity seals hearts to Jesus in love, equipping God's people to take the last message of mercy to the world, "A revelation of His character of love."

Sealing Love Bible Memory Studies by Donna Nicholas