Revelation: The Bride,The Beast & Babylon (Sharing Edition) by Doug Batchelor
Revelation: The Bride,The Beast & Babylon (Sharing Edition) by Doug Batchelor

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Revelation: The Bride,The Beast & Babylon (Sharing Edition) by Doug Batchelor

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A Feature-length Documentary Hosted by Doug Batchelor

The World’s Most Mysterious and Controversial Book Is Now Unveiled!

No other book in the Bible has been more misunderstood or misrepresented than Revelation. For ages, its mysterious symbols and ominous predictions have perplexed millions and sparked wild speculation.

But now, that all changes with Revelation: The Bride, The Beast & Babylon!

Going to the very heart of the Bible’s most challenging book, this 60-minute documentary decodes the visions of Revelation 12 and 17 for everyone to understand. Journeying from the birth of Christ through the Christian era, this amazing video pulls aside the veil of hidden history to reveal the rise of Babylon, the persecution of the bride of Christ, and the real-world identity of the beast.

Educational and inspiring, Revelation delivers the keys to understanding the epic conflict between Christ and Satan and what it means for your life today.

Featuring …

  • Compelling interviews with respected theologians and historians
  • Stunning footage from historic locations throughout Europe
  • Vivid reenactments of biblical visions and events.

Subtitle Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Indonesian, Dutch, Russian, Hindi, Korean

Voiceover Language: English

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Very Satisfied

Good material and very easy to understand.


Revelation the bride the beast




We already owned this DVD and bought more to share with friends and c0-workers. This is an awesome video


Bought a great DVD

I think it pointed right on the money on Revelation that I think most people don't understand or don't read the Bible, to get a great picture of the future.


The Bride, The Beast & Babylon (Sharing Edition)

I've given out a few of "The Bride, The Beast & Babylon" videos in the past and wanted more to have on hand when the time is right to share them. They are affordable. The more you purchase, the less the cost per video. This video addresses the times we are currently experiencing in 2022. A good introductory video to prophesy is "The Final Events of Bible Prophecy" video, followed by the "Kingdoms in Time" video, then "The Bride, The Beast & Babylon" video. This is how I've gradually shared Bible prophesy with friends and family.



A Must SEE. Everyone should watch this.


I enjoyed Pastor Doug's message and the vivid depictions. I learned things from the video by listening to all the different experts that came to speak on the video. It increased my hope and belief in the Bible.

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