(PDF Download) Drums, Rock, and Worship by Karl Tsatalbasidis


(PDF Download) Drums, Rock, and Worship by Karl Tsatalbasidis

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The rise of modern music in Christian culture has had a profound influence on worship in today's church. But is it justifiable praise - or a dangerous compromise? Drums, Rock, and Worship explores the complex relationship of worship and popular music, and especially the drum set, with concise, convincing reasoning. This eye-opening study on a divisive church controversy will benefit leaders and laity alike.

Karl Tsatalbasidis lived the rock and jazz scene as a successful drummer for years until he was rescued by the simple sounds of a Carpenter's words. His music education and career make him an expert on the troubled roots of rock and jazz - and the drum set that drives them. His powerful testimony of transformation will astonish you, and his call to reform will help change even the most cynical attitudes and win hearts for Jesus!

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