Parables & Miracles of Jesus Game Created by PKG

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Bringing families, friends, teachers, and Christians of all ages to learn from the world's Greatest Teacher.

Be prepared to enjoy a clean and family-friendly Bible game that engages all the senses while teaching biblical lessons to Christians of all ages.

  • Practical lessons
  • Good approach to teaching math concepts
  • Quick reaction
  • Team work

The process of finding the parable/miracle on a flashcard helps to exercise and sharpen the brain. Enjoy this unique benefit as you remind yourself of the lessons we get from the parables and miracles of Jesus. Give your child a head start in math and reading with a touch of fun in Christ as you train him/her on how to handle the joys of victories/successes and the sadness of defeats and setbacks.

A wholesome experience for the entire family.

Included in the beautifully designed box is a 63-card deck with illustrated parables and Bible verses, an acrylic hourglass timer, a game board, two references cards, and an instruction sheet.

For ages 6 and up.

Parables & Miracles of Jesus Game Created by PKG