Publisher: Pacific Press
Author: L. James Gibson

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Warning! When people see this book’s title, they probably think the book is the story of God’s creation of this world and all the creatures that live on it, including us human beings.

That’s true, but it doesn’t go far enough. Not by a long shot!

This book focuses on the first three chapters of Genesis. The author says that all the rest of the Bible finds its meaning in the context these chapters provide. In other words, we don’t really know the Bible until we’ve begun to hear what these chapters are saying. To understand God, ourselves, and our world, we must understand these chapters. They explain not only how we came to exist but why.

Further, according to the author, it’s in the Creation story that “we find meaning of marriage and family, of responsibility and work, and of Sabbath rest.” And, in fact, “it is what Genesis 3 tells us about the Fall that enables us to understand our need of a Savior and the reason for our dependence on God’s grace. The gospel story is grounded in the events of Genesis 1-3.

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