My Thank-You Bible Storybook by Autumn House

Publisher: Autumn House

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We’ve got so much to be grateful for!

In this Bible book, young hearts will discover and appreciate God’s protection over our lives through 10 Bible stories, prayers and questions. Kids learn how to trust in God. When worried or afraid, they can pray, “Thank You, God, for protecting me.”

A playful board book with flaps that combine topics of protection and prayer. Brimming with love and faith, this new favorite series is based on a popular topic that we all wish to pass onto the younger generation: developing an attitude of gratitude towards God for the world He has placed us in!

The clever use of flaps enhances the brilliant switch between Biblical stories and corresponding, present-day scenes. This design adds relevant context for children helping them to relate on a personal level. This fun and very interactive product invites kids to recognize the blessings in his/her own world and express their heartfelt prayers!

Product Details:

Author: Cecilie Fodor

Pages: 21

Publisher: Autumn House

Format: Board Book

Publication Date: 2017

ISBN: 9-781-78665-969-9


My Thank-You Bible Storybook by Autumn House