Millennium of Prophecy DVD & Storacles Set by Doug Batchelor
Millennium of Prophecy DVD & Storacles Set by Doug Batchelor

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Millennium of Prophecy DVD & Storacles Set by Doug Batchelor

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Doug Batchelor's powerful end-time series will strengthen your faith and give you hope for the future. Follows the incredible Storacles of Prophecy lesson series (26 parts on 13 DVDs).

One set of Storacles lessons included with DVD set.

  1. The Millennial Man -- Daniel 2
  2. Back to Jerusalem -- Bible and Prophecy
  3. The Coming King -- Trinity, Second Coming
  4. The Rebellious Prince -- Origin of Evil, and Prayer
  5. The Supreme Sacrifice -- Salvation and Victory over sin
  6. The Law of the King -- The Moral Law and Judgment
  7. Bricks without Straw -- Test of Loyalty, Sabbath and Sunday
  8. The Glorious Kingdom -- Heaven
  9. The Witch of Endor -- Death
  10. Cities of Ash -- Hell
  11. River of Life -- Baptism
  12. Resting the Land -- Millennium
  13. Bowing to Babylon -- The Beast
  14. The Mark of Cain -- The Mark of the Beast
  15. A Heavenly Model -- Sanctuary
  16. Cleansing the Temple -- 490 & 2300 Day Prophecy
  17. A Tale of Two Women -- God's Remnant Church
  18. Windows of Heaven -- Tithe
  19. The Daughter's Dance -- Babylon/Prophecy
  20. Ten Times Wiser -- Health
  21. Voice in the Wilderness -- Christian Lifestyle, Jewelry
  22. Proving the Prophets -- True and False Prophets
  23. A Jar of Oil -- The Holy Spirit
  24. Above the Crowd -- Commitment
  25. The Richest Caveman -- Pastor Doug's Testimony
  26. The Unsinkable Ship -- Surrender (Titanic Story)
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John D.
United States

Millennium of prophecy

What a great prophecy series by Doug Batchelor! Easy to understand the topics.

New Zealand New Zealand

Excellent & inspiring prophetic resource

Have been inspired from this prophetic resource & will show further to our home bible study group,

Oceanside, Ca.

Very powerful message!

Incredible! This message must go to any and all peoples on this planet! God is using Pastor Doug to inform everyone to get ready and be ready! This message is so clear, it inspired me to let others know about God's Message to them.

Sharon, R.
Juliaetta, ID

I love this series.

I am using these for a new Bible study with a co-worker and husband. After showing just the first two, the couple is very enthusiastic about new truths they are learning. This is by far the best series I've seen.

Roseville, Ca


This dvd is the series that changed my life and lead me back home to Christ.I had been lost to all the cares of this world,seeking what the world tells us we must have to be happy, when in fact only Jesus truly can make us happy.I have never heard any preacher explain with such simplicity the Bilbe the way Pastor Batchelor does in this series. This dvd will change your life as it did mine...

Kathy &.
Mena, AR

DVD Set You Can Watch Over and Over

My husband and I love this DVD set. We haven't gotten through all the DVDs but this series is wonderful! This is one we will be watching over and over because we will be able to learn something we missed the previous time we watched it. Pastor Batchelor is wonderful and knows how to keep people's attention and how to get God's message across to people. I really like how he shares his own story so people know you don't have to be perfect to get to heaven and everyone has made mistakes in their life. I'm so glad I bought this series.

Haltom City, TX

Clarity For Crucial Bible Topics.

Very awesome series. Energetic presentations and full of useful information. I give it a 10. Pastor Doug clarifies a lot of different beliefs and lets the bible interpret itself. Beliefs founded on the word of God only. If you are unsure about a particular major topic in the bible, he will break it down for the the average person to understand.

Sharon t.
Greenville, MS

Best Blessed Purchase Ever!!!

I love this dvd set which comes with the storcale lessons. I use it for my devotional study and Sabbath Worship. I love the sound biblical teachings with the illustrations which makes it easily to be understood. I am very proud to own this set because it is really helping me to understand the Bible Based TRUTH! The TRUTH is what I have been praying for and I thank God HE let me find it! :)))

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