Men's Best Life Gift Bundle
Men's Best Life Gift Bundle
Men's Best Life Gift Bundle
Men's Best Life Gift Bundle

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Men's Best Life Gift Bundle

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Men's Best Life Gift Bundle


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The Best Life Gift Bundle includes:

1. Prayer & Promises for Men - It is a wonderful blessing to be a son of God! You can take great joy in knowing that he made you for a purpose and he desires a close relationship with you. Spending time in his Word each day will fill you with strength, wisdom, and peace.
Prayers & Promises for Men incorporates more than 70 themes to help you receive inspiration found in the promises of God’s Word. Uplifting prayers offer the opportunity for deeper reflection.
Be encouraged and strengthened as you dwell on the faithfulness of God.

Cover: Paperback       Pages: 144

2. Wisdom for Life A 31-Day Devotional in Proverbs - This one-month devotional is drawn from the 31 chapters of Proverbs.  Each morning and evening meditation considers a couple of choice verses from that day’s chapter. 

Living successfully requires wisdom. So with God’s help over the
next 31 days, you will learn about wisdom from one of the
very best in the field.

King Solomon is widely known for his phenomenal wisdom,
unsurpassed wealth, succinct proverbs, eloquent poetry, and his
famous love song. Some believe he was wise because he had a head
start genetically. After all, his father was King David and his mother,
Bathsheba, was the granddaughter of Ahithophel, the wisest of David’s
counselors. But the Scriptures are clear that a profound wisdom specially
settled upon him after he humbly solicited God for understanding
(1 Kings 3:6–9).
The good news is that you can drink from the same fountain of
wisdom as Solomon. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom;
a good understanding have all those who do His commandments”
(Psalm 111:10).

Cover: Paperback       Pages: 130        Size: 4.75" x 6.75"

3. The Best of Bible Answers Live Volume 1 & 2. In this expansive, informative reference volume, you’ll find clear biblical answers to many questions about Scripture’s most difficult and challenging verses, such as:

• What is the “abomination of desolation” spoken of in Matthew 24:15?
• Why does Exodus 20:5 say that the Lord is “jealous” when jealousy is wrong?
• What does it mean in 1 Peter 3:19, 20 that Christ preached to “spirits” in prison?
• And many more!

The questions found in this volume are based on actual calls featured on Amazing Facts’
popular weekly radio program Bible Answers Live, hosted by Pastor Doug Batchelor and
broadcast on more than 100 stations around North America, including SiriusXM. Since 1995,

Bible Answers Live has given millions the Bible truth they need to better understand the
Word and know God’s will for their lives. Now it’s your turn!

Cover: Paperback     Pages: 130+