Least of the Least by Wyatt Allen

Author: Wyatt Allen

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Gathered along the bank of Missouri’s Gasconade River enjoying a summer picnic with my family, I relaxed in the cool breeze, indulged in the tasty food, and took a refreshing swim. Life couldn't get better than this.

Abruptly, a remote, rumbling roar interrupted my serenity. Seemingly closer and closer, louder and louder, it bellowed in the distance. I tensed. Surely it meant impending doom. What was the noise? It seemed oddly familiar, yet far from natural. Where was it coming from? What did it mean? I was bewildered and confused. When it happened again the bleariness of sleep swiftly left me. I realized what it was!

I bolted from the top bunk just in the nick of time as the count-timer buzzer suddenly yanked me from my leisurely dream. No river, no picnic, no family, just four concrete walls, a metal sink, and toilet. I stood for count just as the prison guards walked up to my cell door. Whew! That was a close call.

Taking it all in, I just smiled. I was happy, not because of my environment, but because of my incredible, miracle-filled journey that took me in search of God. I hadn't been seeking Him, but He was seeking me. He knew my heart when I didn’t know my own. When He found me as a devil-worshiping, death-metal, head-banging, suicidal fifteen-year-old and broke through the strongholds of my life, it would never be the same again.

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Author: Wyatt Allen Format: Paperback
Publisher: Remnant Publications Pages: 200
Publication Date: December 2014 ISBN: 9-781-62913-020-0
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Carol P.
United States United States

Excellent book!!

We give this book to incarcerated men and women. This book has had a profound impact in them, helping them find Jesus and changing their lives forever. Thank you for selling this book. I will be buying more of them in the future.

Rebecca M.
United States United States


Got everything I ordered, perfect delivery. Reasonably priced. Thanks.


Great book for sharing. Very inspiring!

It was hard for me to put down! Blessed me in many ways

Liezel B.
Berrien Springs, MI

Great Controversy in Action

This book is an example of the Great Controversy in action. There is a real battle between Good and Evil. Wyatt Allan's story reveals how God can work through even the most difficult circumstances, from prison to freedom. We suffer by the decisions of our actions everyday, but Wyatt Allan proved that good can overcome evil by the grace of God. God provided the happy ending, a sure gift of mercy.

Clark, Mo

Wish I could give away a hundred of these!

God has provided people for me to give these boooks away too, and it's amazing how easy it is to talk to them.

College Place, WA

A book to SHARE

Compelling,Inspiring. Wyatt unwraps his story in a way that tells the gospel story without preaching, something like a "silent sermon" perhaps. A powerful display of the saving grace of Jesus.

Colton, Ca

One of the very BEST true story of God's LOVE at work...

The Bible is very clear in saying that God will do anything to save a person from eternal death and in the case of brother Wyatt, this is how God lead him to know His LOVE for him and SAVE him... what a wonderful, life-changing story and it inspired me a lot personally... All Adventists if not all Christians needs to read this book because it will help them assess their personal walk with God...



Awesome story of how this young man allowed God to rescue him from the hold of the enemy. I pray for God's continued blessings and guidance of Mr. Allen and his family.

Manteca S.
Manteca, ca

Inspiring, informative, challenging. Great for sharing!

Great true story of how God's grace can transform one's life, even the worst of sinners. The author's life is an example of God's "unmerited favor" & truly experiencing God's forgiveness. Gives us a glimpse of the prisoners' lives. Some difficult situations can turn out to be a blessing, just like what happened to Wyatt. Very impressed & inspired on how he responded after reading the book The Ministry of Healing. This is a very good book to share to anyone especially young people, & to those who are in prison. Truly inspirational!

salt lake city

Are we being Scammed by a Scam Artist

As a Seventh Day adventist Christian I was very disappointed in this book.I liked it until he got out of prison. I felt like he had not paid for his crime. It's great to give your heart to the Lord, But I felt it was wrong as a Christian for Wyatt to get out out prison early and start looking for a wife and marry and have a child immediately when he took all of that from his victim.As a Christian I feel like there should be a balance of justice and I did not finish the end of the book because I believe that Wyatt was not entitled to a happy normal life after his crime. Because he took his victim's right to a happy life away.

Wyatt Allen

Wyatt AllenSatanist … thief … rebel … arsonist … junkie … convicted felon … all of these describe the days of his pre-teen and early teenage years. '

Converted … earnest seeker … servant of the Savior … clean and sober … Bible student … Christian … husband … dad … all of these describe author Wyatt Allen as he is today.

God used a 20-year prison sentence to get his attention, but once God had his heart, Wyatt has kept moving forward in serving the God of the heavens who pulled him from the wretchedness of his pit. Today, he continues to seek and serve His Savior as a Bible worker and evangelist.

Least of the Least by Wyatt Allen