Large Church: Amazing Facts Bible School Starter Kit

Amazing Facts

Large Church: Amazing Facts Bible School Starter Kit

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A church-operated Bible school is run by a small group of members (as few as two people) who care about reaching people in their community with the gospel. They partner with Amazing Facts to distribute enrollment cards, receive requests, deliver materials (personally or through the mail), and see people come to Christ!

How do you start a church-operated Bible school? Simply order an Amazing Facts Bible School Starter Kit (provided at a discount), receive materials, customize the enrollment cards with your church address or P.O. Box, and begin handing them out (or mailing them to your ZIP code). It’s an especially effective way to prepare for an evangelistic series (when started at least six months ahead of your event).


• 50 sets (Introductory and Advanced) of the
Amazing Facts Study Guides
• 1,000 Bible School Enrollment Cards
• 100 copies of Footsteps: A Closer Walk
(reprint of Steps to Christ)
• 54 pocket books (1 copy of each)
• 20 Bible School diplomas

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