Landmarks of Prophecy DVD Series and Lesson Set by Doug Batchelor

Publisher: Amazing Facts
Speaker: Doug Batchelor

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An Epic Bible Study Adventure!

  • What significance does a prediction given thousands of years ago have for you today?
  • What recent world events are harbingers of the end?
  • Are you ready for the coming crisis?

Join Pastor Doug Batchelor for an exciting, contemporary Bible study adventure that not only offers clear answers to these pressing questions, but also gives you keen insight into what lies next in human history and the practical tools you need to thrive and survive in the here and now! 

Using the latest media technology, Landmarks of Prophecy is designed for today’s audiences and presents the landmark themes of the Bible in a bright and compelling way – helping you understand the Bible better and giving you the knowledge to face the future with confidence!

  • 21 Presentations on 6 DVDs
  • Bonus Q&A Sessions
  • Complete set comes with a set of Landmarks of Prophecy Storacles


Explore the Bible like you’ve never experienced it before! This is a powerful set for sharing and includes:

The fully illustrated, 24 Bible-lesson set, created for Pastor Doug’s Landmarks of Prophecy event, will help you and others learn timely, life-changing lessons about God, prophecy, and the Bible in an easy-to-understand way.*

*Updated reprint of the Storacles of Prophecy series.

Runtime: Approx. 33 hours

Disc One:

  1. Dream of the Ages
  2. Return of the King
  3. The Prince of Pride
  4. Ultimate Sacrifice

Disc Two:

  1. The Devil's Dungeon
  2. The Unchangeable Law
  3. The Rest of Our Work 
  4. The Richest Caveman

Disc Three:

  1. Bewitching Spirits
  2. The Final Firestorm
  3. Cleansing the Sanctuary
  4. The Magnificent Kingdom

Disc Four:

  1. Born in a River
  2. Bowing to the Beast
  3. Marked for Death
  4. The Woman of Truth 

Disc Five:

  1. The Daughter's Deadly Dance 
  2. Babylon's Buffet
  3. The King's Ambassador
  4. True and False Prophets

Disc Six:

  1. The Goal of the Godly
  2. Bonus Q&A Sessions

Product Details:

Author: Doug Batchelor Format: DVD
Publisher: Amazing Facts Runtime: Approx. 33 Hours
Publication Date: January 2015 ISBN: 9-781-58019-630-7

Spanish voice-over available.

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Silvia W.
United States United States

Great Bible study resource

I bought this set as a gift to a friend of mine. Is well put together, one lesson makes the foundation to the next. Pr Doug speaks in a teachable way that is easy to follow and understand.

Silvia W.
United States United States

Great Bible study resource

My husband is doing dialysis and he met a technician who wants to have Bible study. Since my husband is not good in giving Bible studies, he ordered the DVDs plus the lessons. The guy from dialysis started to watch in his house snd he said he loves and is learning a lot!!

Joe T.

Most Amazing

So far I only have gone through the first CD and very excited to watch and learn from the 2and CD. Thank you pastor Doug and the rest of Amazing Facts all of you are Amazon and God bless you all.

Jerrod B.
United States United States

A must buy now series!

This series is a great gift or tool for learning the basic principles of Bible Prophecy that breaks down Bible Prophecy in a deep but also simple answers.

Doug Batchelor

Doug BatchelorAs a teenager, Doug Batchelor had everything money could buy—everything but happiness. His search led him to drugs, fights, and suicidal fantasies. Convinced that life held no purpose, he soon found himself scavenging food from garbage bins and living in a cave in the hills above Palm Springs.

The happiness Doug wanted eluded him until the day he began reading the dust-covered Bible someone had left in his cave. What happened next can only be described as a miracle! Today, Pastor Doug is president of Amazing Facts, an international multimedia ministry, and can be seen and heard around the world on television and radio programs such as Sabbath School Study Hour, Amazing Facts Presents, and Bible Answers Live.

Doug's down-to-earth approach to living the Christian life stems from his own experiences. He is an energetic man of vision and deep spirituality with an unusual ability to communicate not only to church members, but also to the millions of secular-minded people of today. He is the author of dozens of books, including, The Richest Caveman, Caveman Theology, Shadows of Light, Broken Chains, and At Jesus’ Feet .

Landmarks of Prophecy DVD Series and Lesson Set by Doug Batchelor