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As a schoolteacher, Billie Ruth Atwood felt inspired to write something that would help fill the hole in the soul of every child on this planet. The result is a biblically sound book with the overriding themes of the origin of evil, the conflict between God and Satan, and the eternal hope that Jesus’ death has given to all humanity. Kim Merritt has beautifully illustrated Christ’s special love for children.

This book contains 115 pages of beautiful, life-like illustrations across four inspiring stories. The first depicts the friendship of Jesus with Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and the disciples—and Lazarus’ resurrection. The second story shows Christ being abandoned by the disciples and the true repentance of Peter. This leads into Christ’s crucifixion and the conflict between good and evil—and finally Jesus’ power over sin and death.

Jesus: Bible Truth for Children is written in a style that young children can understand, but even adults can get a clearer understanding of biblical truth. This keepsake will be cherished by all those who read and listen for generations to come!

Product Details:

Author: Ruth Atwood

Pages: 128

Publisher: Bible Truth for Children

Format: Hardcover

Publication Date: March 2018

ISBN: 9-781-73201-630-9

Ruth Atwood

Billie Ruth Atwood holds a BS in Early Childhood Education from Covenant College on Lookout Mountain, GA. Teaching young children was the love of her life and her purpose until 2014, when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with a genetic eye disease (RP) and rendered legally blind. God showed her now was the time to write that book He had impressed her with in 2011. To make the book possible, God led Ruth and her chaplain husband, Mark, to live in an RV in the lovely Loveland, CO foothills. In October 2018 “Pastor” Mark accepted a call to Vermont where they now live in the oldest house in the state, circa 1750, with Ruth’s service dog, Gazzy,and their parakeet, Vanna Yellow. To keep up with Ruth and her interests in Bible truth, health and natural remedies.

Jesus: Bible Truth for Children by Bible Truth for Children Books