How Evolution Flunked Science Test (PB) by Joe Crews

Publisher: Amazing Facts
Author: Joe Crews

Product Code: BK-EFS

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This brief but convincing book puts the stale science of evolution on the defensive by exposing loopholes in the theory. It will help you provoke spiritual conversation and be bold about your Christian faith! 

  • What does the fossil record really say?
  • Can the Genesis flood be empirically verified?
  • Why natural selection and mutations don't help the evolution theory
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Sara D.
United States United States
Creation is the only answer

It is well written but not as thorough as possible. There is even more evidence than given in the pamphlet that the theory of evolution is false. Also, since God's word tells us how it happened, I think some Bible verses would be helpful.

Thomas S.
United States United States
Understand in creationism vs evolutionism

Pretty good, but there were lots of areas I did not understand due to the wording.

I would recommend this book

Very informative helped clarify my questions

I loved the information provided.

Givinig it to my 30 year old son. He attended a very Liberal College (Purdue University) for 7 years and received his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has a very "scientific" mind and was taught about the big bang theory. Whenever we bring up religion he gets angry and defends that man evolves from apes. I pray when it gets in his hands that he will open his heart and mind that the Lord exists and that he will accept the Lord as his Saviour. Please keep my son Robb in your prayers. Thank you.

Jim t.
Norco, Ca
Loved it

This book is awesome

Norco, Ca
Loved it

Well written, easy to understand

Mad S.
Eye opening on the THEORY of evolution!

It emphasises the mathematical improbability of the fragile conditions of many systems that would have to coincide for the process to even start much lest continue for a time for a life sustaining biosphere to be established.

Houston, Texas
it is good

I enjoyed your little book for its clarity and conciseness. I had read one other pamphlet concerning this topic, but found it too wordy and complicated.

Round Rock, TX
Great reading!

I give these tiny informative books to people to share truth for this time.

Jim t.
Martinsville, IN
Very good information

This is a gift that I will be sharing with those that have been misinformed and are interested in & willing to know the truth.

Joe Crews

Joe CrewsKnown for his deep baritone voice and soul-stirring ability to share the quintessential gospel of Christ, Joe Crews was the co-founder of the multifaceted, international ministry of Amazing Facts and its first speaker. Plucked from his pastoral and evangelist role in Louisville, Kentucky, Joe Crews hosted the Amazing Facts radio broadcast, a daily 15-minute Bible program that opened with an interesting scientific or historic fact—a hallmark of Amazing Facts programming still today.

Joe Crews passionate an engaging personality filters through his many books and articles, written for Amazing Facts publishing and for periodicals around the world. He is the author of dozens of topical sharing books, Souls Under Siege, Creeping Compromise, Reaping the Whirlwind, Answers to Difficult Bible Texts, and more.

How Evolution Flunked Science Test (PB) by Joe Crews