Historic Headlines, the Pope in Prophecy - and What It Means! by Pastor Doug Batchelor

Publisher: Amazing Facts
Speaker: Doug Batchelor

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In reviewing my notes from 2014, I was stunned by how many historic headlines we witnessed revealing a major progression of papal power.

Last year was an especially notable one for the world’s first Jesuit pope, and it appears this charismatic, approachable leader has only just begun. Pope Francis has been successfully inserted into the social, spiritual, financial, and political arenas of world affairs—while winning back mountains of lost influence for the Roman Catholic Church.

It’s critical that you and I stay informed and keep our eyes on the prize of winning souls for Christ in light of world events, so please watch the eye-opening timeline of this past year that reveals these amazing developments.

I think you’ll agree that the stage is being set for the final, dramatic movements of prophecy, right before Jesus returns!

Doug Batchelor

Doug BatchelorAs a teenager, Doug Batchelor had everything money could buy—everything but happiness. His search led him to drugs, fights, and suicidal fantasies. Convinced that life held no purpose, he soon found himself scavenging food from garbage bins and living in a cave in the hills above Palm Springs.

The happiness Doug wanted eluded him until the day he began reading the dust-covered Bible someone had left in his cave. What happened next can only be described as a miracle! Today, Pastor Doug is president of Amazing Facts, an international multimedia ministry, and can be seen and heard around the world on television and radio programs such as Sabbath School Study Hour, Amazing Facts Presents, and Bible Answers Live.

Doug's down-to-earth approach to living the Christian life stems from his own experiences. He is an energetic man of vision and deep spirituality with an unusual ability to communicate not only to church members, but also to the millions of secular-minded people of today. He is the author of dozens of books, including, The Richest Caveman, Caveman Theology, Shadows of Light, Broken Chains, and At Jesus’ Feet .

Historic Headlines, the Pope in Prophecy - and What It Means! by Pastor Doug Batchelor