Heart of a Child: Songs for Kids by Laura Williams

Publisher: Laura Williams
Author: Laura Williams

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A collection of songs for children that will uplift and ennoble them. Each child is a precious gift from God and each song on this CD is designed to help them see how special they are in His eyes and to encourage them to grow in their relationship with Him no matter what age they may be. These songs were not made simply to entertain, but rather, they contain precious truths to help build the foundation of your child's faith, teaching them to see God as their truest friend. Each song includes a bible memory verse read or recited by children from the Roseburg Junior Academy.

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Laura Williams

Laura WilliamsFor as long as I can remember I have loved music. Since I was quite young I have been inspired by some truly amazing artists. One in particular instilled in me early on a deep love for the music and singing. I determined that I also wanted to learn to reach people through music.

When I graduated in 2011, I began focusing on music. I travel and sing for a lot of different events, but I mostly love singing for evangelistic meetings. There are experiences there that I find it hard to match anywhere else. In the last two years I've also begun teaching voice and hope that I will be able to give each of my students the same love of singing that I've been given.

Heart of a Child: Songs for Kids by Laura Williams