Heading for the Hills: A Beginner's Guide to Country Living by Doug Batchelor

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Heading for the Hills: A Beginner's Guide to Country Living by Doug Batchelor

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"Escape to the mountains, lest you be destroyed." - Genesis 19:17

The doomsday business is booming. Millions sense that Planet Earth is on the verge of some Apocalypse -- by way of global economic meltdown, pandemic, war, or a natural disaster that plunges the world's cities into chaos. In response, people everywhere are snatching up country properties.

"Preppers," rich and poor, are storing up food, taking classes in wilderness survival, and stockpiling guns and ammo.

But how should a Christian respond -- in light of Bible prophecy and the great commission? Has the time really come for believers to desert the cities and head for the hills?

From the heart of New York City to a remote mountain cave, author and evangelist Doug Batchelor has experienced the spectrum of country, suburban, and city living. More important, for the past forty years, he and his family have maintained a country home "off the grid" in Northern California.

With a biblical perspective, this book addresses the when, how and why (and why not) to head for the hills. Doug Batchelor identifies the practical things to look for in buying a piece of land, and what you need to live in semi-independent from civilization -- all while maintaining a mission to the spiritually lost.

This is the perfect book if you're wondering, "Does God want me to head for the hills, and how do I take the first step?"

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Author: Doug Batchelor

Pages: 128

Publisher: Mountain Ministry

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Dec 2019

ISBN: 9-780-98467-074-1

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Heading for the Hills

As always Pastor Doug’s storytelling ability and Bible knowledge made this a very enjoyable read. I anticipated it being an interesting and informative book, so I bought 2 - one for my library and one to give to someone else.


Still reading

I am still reading this book. So far it is very good, but I have not reached pages that give actual tips for country living. It may be further down in the book but I don’t like to look ahead.


Heading for the Hills

Informative article, inspirational, and very informative. Highly recommended


Balanced Viewpoint

Great read with personal insights and experience for guiding people through sensible decisions regarding country living in the last days.


Very insightful!

As someone who's never lived in a city around the noise and pollution I can definately vouch for the quiet of country living and being a good distance from your neighbors home.


I've yet to finish the book but it is very interesting but I have read so far



Great overall....... Am looking for a small parcel where to park my RV, like 0.05 acre, low property tax, California, no winter snow.....Is there a website for this?

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