Heading for the Hills: A Beginner's Guide to Country Living by Doug Batchelor

Publisher: Mountain Ministry
Author: Doug Batchelor

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"Escape to the mountains, lest you be destroyed." - Genesis 19:17

The doomsday business is booming. Millions sense that Planet Earth is on the verge of some Apocalypse -- by way of global economic meltdown, pandemic, war, or a natural disaster that plunges the world's cities into chaos. In response, people everywhere are snatching up country properties.

"Preppers," rich and poor, are storing up food, taking classes in wilderness survival, and stockpiling guns and ammo.

But how should a Christian respond -- in light of Bible prophecy and the great commission? Has the time really come for believers to desert the cities and head for the hills?

From the heart of New York City to a remote mountain cave, author and evangelist Doug Batchelor has experienced the spectrum of country, suburban, and city living. More important, for the past forty years, he and his family have maintained a country home "off the grid" in Northern California.

With a biblical perspective, this book addresses the when, how and why (and why not) to head for the hills. Doug Batchelor identifies the practical things to look for in buying a piece of land, and what you need to live in semi-independent from civilization -- all while maintaining a mission to the spiritually lost.

This is the perfect book if you're wondering, "Does God want me to head for the hills, and how do I take the first step?"

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Author: Doug Batchelor

Pages: 128

Publisher: Mountain Ministry

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: Dec 2019

ISBN: 9-780-98467-074-1

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Debra K.
United States United States

Wonderful & useful advice

My husband & I have already begun to use some of the ideas & are praying about our next steps. This spiritual book is especially useful in these end times.

United States United States

Loved it

This book was very interesting and had a lot of useful information.

John P.
United States United States

Great information

The book gave me a lot to think about and to really trust in the Lord for guidance and not run off on an impulse.

Viviane S.
United States United States

Great book!

Pastor Doug really put together a practical message that open your eye. He not only tells you about country leaving but where is the balance on how and when to move out. This is a must read book

Roxene K.
United States United States

Heading for the Hills?

It was for my son, but I would like to get my own copy.

Sherry C.
United States United States

Heading for the Hills!

Love the book! Wonderful and helpful information. Love Pastor Doug's sense of humor too. Would recommend anyone interested in moving to the country to read this book. There is much good food for thought! Thank you!

Betty P.
United States United States

Moving to the c

Enjoyed the book very much. Also gave one to someone thinking of leaving the city.

Roque Lachica Jr.
United States United States

To act upon the counsels of Scripture

Enjoyable and fulfilling. God's guidance over Amazing Facts ministry is evidenced by the multitudes of conversions annually. I was one in those multitudes. And now, we wait to see Jesus in the clouds. Amazing!!

Marilyn B.
United States United States

Good Read

This book is very educational and informative. It is also very inspiring..

Roy R.
United States United States

Heading for the hills

Awesome it's very encouraging

Doug Batchelor

Doug BatchelorAs a teenager, Doug Batchelor had everything money could buy—everything but happiness. His search led him to drugs, fights, and suicidal fantasies. Convinced that life held no purpose, he soon found himself scavenging food from garbage bins and living in a cave in the hills above Palm Springs.

The happiness Doug wanted eluded him until the day he began reading the dust-covered Bible someone had left in his cave. What happened next can only be described as a miracle! Today, Pastor Doug is president of Amazing Facts, an international multimedia ministry, and can be seen and heard around the world on television and radio programs such as Sabbath School Study Hour, Amazing Facts Presents, and Bible Answers Live.

Doug's down-to-earth approach to living the Christian life stems from his own experiences. He is an energetic man of vision and deep spirituality with an unusual ability to communicate not only to church members, but also to the millions of secular-minded people of today. He is the author of dozens of books, including, The Richest Caveman, Caveman Theology, Shadows of Light, Broken Chains, and At Jesus’ Feet .

Heading for the Hills: A Beginner's Guide to Country Living by Doug Batchelor