God's Show and Tell: Sanctuary Truth for Teens by Barbara Weimer

Publisher: Barbara Weimer
Author: Barbara Weimer

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Ages 10-15

God's Show and Tell is an activity book which teaches teens how God uses the sanctuary to help us understand salvation. 

In simple language, its 26 lessons exploring the history of the Sanctuary, what the sacrifices were all about, the 2300-year prophecy and more!

The true focus of God's Show and Tell is a changed life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The beauty of the Sanctuary is all about saving us from sin.

The sanctuary teaches us that God:

  • Has saved us from the punishment of sin
  • Is saving us from the power of sin
  • Will save us from the presence of sin

What a subject to explore!

Product Details:

Author: Barbara Weimar

Pages: 108

Publisher: God's Show and Tell Ministries

Format: PaperbacK

Publication Date: 2014

ISBN: 9-780-98375-595-1


Barbara Weimer

Barbara WeimerBarbara Weimer graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in history and has happily served as a Sabbath School teacher, public high school teacher, and home school mom. She wrote God’s Show and Tell and its companion books with teachers and parents in mind.

Barbara is also the author of The First Lie, a book/Bible study to help us understand what happens when we die. For more information, please click THE FIRST LIE tab above.

She and her husband Bill have three children whom they homeschooled: Kelly, Will, and Alisa.

God's Show and Tell: Sanctuary Truth for Teens by Barbara Weimer