God Made Me: Teacher Edition by Gatekeeper Books

Publisher: Gatekeeper Books

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Note: Only one teacher and activity booklet is needed per classroom/teacher. However, each student should have a student book. 

This companion booklet for God Made Me provides any parent or teacher enough material to stay a few footsteps ahead of their eager and varied students. These helps outline each of the seven days giving the teacher an easy-to-follow program as well as a variety of extra material they can blend in as they choose. Supplement with songs, crafts, or other material from the Activities Booklet and students will be well on their way to learning. Witness the binding of heart and mind between the teacher and children and, most importantly, to the Creator’s great heart of genius and compassion. Anyone who can read can step in and lead.

God Made Me is SIMPLE. This program was first trialed in Africa and India among poor children who truly hunger and thirst for truth and knowledge. Your students will be just as enthusiastic, and ready for more.

God Made Me: Teacher Edition by Gatekeeper Books