From Sabbath to Sunday by Carlyle Haynes

Publisher: Review and Herald
Author: Carlyle Haynes

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  • Did Jesus change the day of worship for His followers?
  • Why did Christians start going to church on Sunday?
  • Has the calendar been changed?
  • Are the Ten Commandments still relevant today?
  • What difference does it make?

This classic survey continues to fascinate new generations of readers by explaining in clear language how most Christians shifted their day of worship from Sabbath to Sunday. Citing a wealth of original sources—ancient, medieval, and modern—the author shows that early in the Christian Era something went awry, and needs to be corrected today.

Carlyle Haynes

An evangelist for many years, Carlyle B. Haynes served as a church administrator in both North and South America. But he is perhaps best known as a writer, for he authored no less than 45 books, including God Sent a Man and When a Man Dies.

From Sabbath to Sunday by Carlyle Haynes