From Plant to Plate: Diabetes Edition by Tami Bivens

Publisher: Life & Health
Author: Tami Bivens

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What if your could lower blood sugars one bite at a time? You can. Reclaim your health in the most simple (and most delicious) way possible.

Created with freshness, simplicity, and overall wellness in mind, Plant to Plate Diabetes Edition contains everything you need to transform your health through the power of nutrition. With 92+ plant-based recipes, corresponding cooking videos, and a plethora of dynamic nutrition content, this book will jump-start your journey to a healthy new you!

Also includes:

  • QR codes with every recipe that, when scanned, takes you to a cooking video of that recipe.
  • A simple guide for preparing almost every whole food
  • Tips on stocking your kitchen with the best ingredients and tools

Tami Bivens

Tami Bivens is a registered dietician and busy mother of 3 young children. For years, she ran a successful consulting business for weight loss and other lifestyle diseases in Loma Linda California. Tami believes in the benefits of a plant-based diet and appreciates how hard it can be to cook easy and tasty meals for a busy family (and picky kids). This cookbook is designed for simplicity, taste and health.

From Plant to Plate: Diabetes Edition by Tami Bivens