Free Indeed: A Testimony of Miracles and Mercy by Wyatt Allen

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Wyatt Allen was a drug addict, Satan worshiper, and all-around rebel. At the age of fifteen he faced two life sentences in the penitentiary. But God miraculously intervened in his life. This is the gripping true story of Wyatt’s conversion from Satanism to a servant of Jesus Christ. You will be inspired as you watch how the Lord led him out of the darkness of prison into the light of truth. This powerful two-part DVD includes his personal testimony and an interview on 3ABN television.

Today, Wyatt Allen is an evangelist for Amazing Facts and shares prophetic truths across North America, helping others find freedom in Jesus and prepare for His soon return.

DVD Contents
1. Free Indeed: My Story of True Freedom
2. Interview on 3ABN Today

Wyatt Allen

Wyatt AllenSatanist … thief … rebel … arsonist … junkie … convicted felon … all of these describe the days of his pre-teen and early teenage years. '

Converted … earnest seeker … servant of the Savior … clean and sober … Bible student … Christian … husband … dad … all of these describe author Wyatt Allen as he is today.

God used a 20-year prison sentence to get his attention, but once God had his heart, Wyatt has kept moving forward in serving the God of the heavens who pulled him from the wretchedness of his pit. Today, he continues to seek and serve His Savior as a Bible worker and evangelist.

Free Indeed: A Testimony of Miracles and Mercy by Wyatt Allen