Depression Recovery DVD & Workbook Set (Spanish)

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Depression Recovery DVD & Workbook Set (Spanish)

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Complete Depression Recovery Program
When depression enters your life, it doesn’t have to be thought of as a life-long condition, or even tolerated. Depression is reversible! Dr. Nedley’s Depression Recovery Program has successfully helped many patients not only identify and correct the cause of depression, but improve overall mental health.

This program has traditionally been conducted through both an outpatient clinic and a 10-day residential program. Now you, too, can participate in this life-changing program in the comfort of your own home!

Join Dr. Nedley in this eight-part series recorded in front of a live audience, and learn the keys of the Twenty-Week Turn Around as you walk step by step through this comprehensive program.

You’ll also hear from people who have struggled with depression, and reclaimed their lives, as they share which aspects of the program benefited them most. Using the workbook filled with in-depth exercises and slides from Dr. Nedley’s presentations, you will find all the help you need to begin your path to recovery.

A Complete Map for Your Journey
Dr. Nedley designed this program to be comprehensive. Those following the complete regimen will need the DVD series, a workbook, the textbook, and three books which will provide additional assigned readings to reinforce lessons from the DVD presentations and workbook exercises.

The primary textbook for this program is Dr. Nedley’s Depression: the Way Out. This book contains valuable knowledge that is the foundation of the Depression Recovery Program presentations and workbook exercises.

Additional reading assignments are drawn from the books Telling Yourself the Truth and SOS: Help for Emotions, written by experts in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

CBT focuses on eliminating self-defeating behavior by replacing negative thinking patterns with realistic beliefs about oneself and the world. CBT is the only form of psychotherapy that has been scientifically proven to work better than a placebo in treating major depression.

We offer three options for ordering the Depression Recovery Program.

The Complete Pack includes:

  • Everything in the Basic Pack, PLUS
  • Depression: the Way Out textbook by Dr. Neil Nedley
  • SOS: Help for Emotions by Lynn Clark, PhD
  • Telling Yourself the Truth by William Backus and Marie Chapian
  • Psalms and Proverbs in the Amplified Translation
  • A CD of Classical Music
  • Depression, Anxiety, and EQ Assessment (in paper form) to take before and after the program. (Send to Nedley Health Solutions for scoring.)

Although those desiring the most benefit will want to obtain all the required reading materials and do all the workbook assignments, each of the resources in the product packs are also available individually.

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