Creeping Compromise CD Set by Joe Crews

Publisher: Amazing Facts
Speaker: Joe Crews

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The classic masterpiece that tackles today's most controversial issues of faith comes to life with the author's own voice. Joe Crews, the late founder of Amazing Facts, inspires Christians to higher moral living in his unique, straightforward style.

4 audio CDs.

Joe Crews

Joe CrewsKnown for his deep baritone voice and soul-stirring ability to share the quintessential gospel of Christ, Joe Crews was the co-founder of the multifaceted, international ministry of Amazing Facts and its first speaker. Plucked from his pastoral and evangelist role in Louisville, Kentucky, Joe Crews hosted the Amazing Facts radio broadcast, a daily 15-minute Bible program that opened with an interesting scientific or historic fact—a hallmark of Amazing Facts programming still today.

Joe Crews passionate an engaging personality filters through his many books and articles, written for Amazing Facts publishing and for periodicals around the world. He is the author of dozens of topical sharing books, Souls Under Siege, Creeping Compromise, Reaping the Whirlwind, Answers to Difficult Bible Texts, and more.

Creeping Compromise CD Set by Joe Crews