CLEARANCE Cracking the Code: Behind Enemy Lines by Ellen White Remnant Pub

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CLEARANCE Cracking the Code: Behind Enemy Lines by Ellen White Remnant Pub

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 Cracking the Code: Behind Enemy Lines - Great Controversy Book Three 

Rapes, killings, terrorist attacks, drive-by-shootings, catastrophic disasters by land and sea appear to be universal, are far too common, and are happening in succession more quickly than ever. Today, we and our children have become hardened to these almost unthinkable and unbearable atrocities and disasters. Cracking the Code pulls back the curtain on the origin of this evil and why it is escalating.

You say, “Hey, don’t talk to me about these terrible problems we’re facing. I don’t need to be told again and again what I already know. Tell me, ‘How do we stop this deadly disease that is sucking the life blood out of America and the rest of the world?’” Cracking the Code answers this billion dollar question and much more.

This book provides a solution—the only solution that works. Cracking the Code will take you back to the very beginning—to the root of the problem—where it all started. You will be taken behind enemy lines and crack this top-secret code. Then it’s completely up to you to make the ultimate difference. The only difference that can and will change our children, family, and friends before it is forever too late.

Book 3 of 4:

#1 God's Holy Word: Is it Still Worth Dying For?
#2 America in Prophecy: The Beginning of the End
#3 Cracking the Code: Behind Enemy Lines
#4 The World Out of Control: How it Will End

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