Instant Creation by R.M. Harnisch


Instant Creation by R.M. Harnisch

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Instant Creation by R.M. Harnisch


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 A brief summary of the creation event, according to the Honored Qur’an and the Scriptures—  not according to the “big bang” theory of evolutionists, nor according to the Vatican’s ever-changing pronouncements on the topic. It has been revealed to humanity that God simply spoke His creative thoughts, and they materialized out of nothing. God did not need a “magic wand;” He is well “able to do everything”He chooses, because He is omnipotent. He is Creator!

Dear ones, be not deceived into believing in the theory of evolution or in an uninvolved, limited God. Rather, trust God and His written Word. Sadly, many have gone far astray from believing the simple, literal truth of the creation account. They have been led into belief in a completely hypothetical “big bang” beginning of the universe and in the gradual evolution on earth over billions of years of one-celled living creatures-- allegedly generated spontaneously from totally inanimate matter--into very complex humans and other forms of life, instead of God’s creation of things fully formed in six literal days. Thus they have been turned away from heaven-sent truth to believe scientific speculation and hypothesis. They trust the creature’s explanation, rather than the ancient written record revealing the instantaneously life-giving words of the Creator. They do not know, or else will not accept, the plentiful science that disproves evolution and supports the literal creation accounts in the Scriptures and Honored Qur’an.

First, then, from the Honored Qur’an, the teaching that God simply speaks and His intention appears instantly, fully formed!