Teen Scene Stories on Audio CD by Your Story Hour

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Teen Scene Stories on Audio CD by Your Story Hour

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Your Story Hour is proud to present this great collection of dramatized stories. The role models in these wonderful stories will inspire and teach important values so necessary in the development of good character traits for today's youth. Kids of all ages will enjoy listening to these recordings over and over again.

Dramatized audio stories written especially for mature pre-teens and teens. The Teen Scene inspires dialogue and communication between parents and teens and prepares kids to make wise choices. Stories--about substance abuse, steroids, dating, sex, suicide and peer pressure--are designed to inspire family dialogue and to prepare kids to make wise choices.

Album Details: 8 CDs; Each episode is ~30 mins, 16 stories; Narrated by Uncle Dan & Aunt Carole; Cover art direction & design by Ed Guthero / Illustrated by Darrel Tank


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