Cleansing the Temple by Doug Batchelor
Cleansing the Temple by Doug Batchelor
Cleansing the Temple by Doug Batchelor
Cleansing the Temple by Doug Batchelor

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Cleansing the Temple by Doug Batchelor

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Cleansing the Temple by Doug Batchelor


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Lesson 16 in the Storacle Set.

See how the Bible answers the questions in this lesson, and more!

  1. Daniel had an amazing vision in which he saw a ram with two horns (Daniel 8:1-4). Whom does this ram represent?
  2. Next Daniel saw a goat with a great horn between his eyes. What does this mean?
  3. Then a little horn sprouts up from out of one of the four. What power did this "little horn" represent?
  4. Daniel was told that this little horn would defile the sanctuary. How long until it would be cleansed?
  5. How did Daniel respond when he saw the little-horn power persecute God's people and obscure the truth?
  6. In the next chapter, the angel explains the prophecy in greater detail. How long was the time period not previously described in the vision?
  7. What was the starting point for the 2,300-day and 70-week time prophecies?
  8. The angel said that if you count 69 weeks from 457 B.C., you will come to Messiah the Prince. Did this happen?
  9. What was to take place next in the prophecy?
  10. Jesus told His disciples to preach first to which group of people?
  11. What warning did Jesus give to His chosen people?
  12. So what is the other "nation" spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 21:43, which would become His chosen people?
  13. According to the angel who spoke with Daniel, what would happen at the end of the 2,300 years?
  14. Whose cases are being considered in the pre-advent judgment?
  15. What will be examined in this first phase of judgment?
  16. Is God my accuser in the judgment?
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Wonderful truths. I don't understand how people can get this wrong.