Final Judgment by Bill May

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Author: Bill May

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The jury is in, the verdict read ... case closed! Few thoughts could be more sobering. The day is fast approaching when every person who has ever lived will have their lives reviewed before the all-knowing eyes of God (2 Corinthians 5:10). But don't let this alarm youtake heart! Millions have already found the judgment message in this Study Guide to be very good news! On four occasions when the book of Revelation mentions the great judgment, it brings forth praise and thanksgiving! But did you know that the Bible mentions judgment more than a thousand times? Almost every Bible writer refers to it, so its importance cannot be overemphasized. In the next few minutes, you're going to get a real eye-opener in this neglected subject. (Note: There are three phases of judgment ... watch for them as you study this lesson!)

  1. The angel Gabriel gave Daniel the prophecy of the 1844 heavenly judgment. The first phase of the judgment is called the pre-advent judgment because it takes place before Jesus' second coming. What group of people will be considered in the first phase of the judgment? When does it end?
  2. Who presides at the judgment? Who is the defense attorney? The judge? The accuser? Who are the witnesses?
  3. What is the source of evidence used in the pre-advent judgment? By what standard will all be judged? Since God already knows everything about every person, why have a judgment?
  4. What portion of a person's life is considered in the pre-advent judgment? What will be confirmed? How will rewards be decided?
  5. What group is involved in the heavenly judgment during the 1,000 years of Revelation chapter 20? What is the purpose of this second phase of the judgment?
  6. When and where will the third phase of the final judgment take place? What new group will be present at this phase of judgment?
  7. What happens next?
  8. What interrupts their battle plan, and with what results?
  9. What final steps will eradicate sin from the universe and provide a secure home and future for the righteous?
  10. How did the "day of atonement" service in the Old Testament earthly sanctuary symbolize the judgment and God's plan to eradicate sin from the universe and restore perfect harmony?
  11. What is the good news about the judgment as revealed in this Study Guide and listed below?
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Timothy P.
United States United States

The Final Judgment

I learned a lot that helps in in knowing God and having a personal relationship with Him.

Salem, OR

Exciting & Encouraging

I wanted a compact, organized explanation about the judgement for my own reference and review and also to share with others. The questions and answers are clear, comforting and assuring. They encourage study of related topics.

Hennepin, IL

Not what I expect but informative

For study time

Bill May

Bill MayBill May was a man of vision and an instrumental force in the founding of the worldwide ministry of Amazing Facts. A former church conference president and longtime church employee, May was well-known for his ability to develop and innovate new ways of soul-winning. After meeting with a group of like-minded visionaries in early 1965, May felt impressed to start a new radio broadcast that would grab the attention of souls lost in the mire of secularism. As a result of his tireless efforts and his soul-winning legacy, Amazing Facts has become a multifaceted Christian ministry sharing the everlasting gospel around the world.

As an author, Bill May penned dozens of articles and books on Bible doctrines in a way that made it easy for people of all backgrounds to understand God’s Word and apply it to their everyday lives. He is also the writer of the popular Amazing Facts Study Guides, which have been distributed by the millions around the world and translated into dozens of languages.

Final Judgment by Bill May