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Global events are driving people to the Scriptures.

Does the Bible speak about events transpiring in our world? What does Revelation tell us about the key players in the final events? Is it possible that the United States will no longer be a sweet land of liberty?

This beautifully designed magazine provides a clear and balanced overview of Revelation 13 and 14 to help your community understand what the Bible says about the final superpowers on Earth. Perfect for church outreach, door to door distribution, and mass mailing.

Tax deductible receipt available for all mass-mailing*

Reach Your Entire City Now!

Through major discounts you can reach your whole community for Christ with this end-time Bible truth about earth’s final superpower.

For as low as $1 per magazine + mailing costs, you can send this truth-filled magazine directly to the homes in your city or neighborhood!

*500 homes minimum, price will vary depending on addresses in each zip codes.

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Patrice C.
United States

Awesome brochure

I love handing them out to acquaintances friends and family. They really appreciate being exposed to the truth and knowledge

Kathleen P.
United States United States

America in Bible Prophecy Magazine by Amazing Facts

This magazine is beautifully done. I purchased 100 copies to distribute when the time is right. I'll be mailing out 50 copies to friends and family along with "The Bride, The Beast & Babylon" video. People need to know what is behind the chaos that is happening in this world today.

United States United States


Amazing magazine.

Debra J.
United States United States


Husband learning also

Liviu G.
United States United States

Good experience

No hassle ordering.

Vance P.
United States United States

American History

the magazine was great! I ordered 15 copies for our Outreach Program.

Robert S.
United States United States

Very well put together

Susan B.
United States United States

Brave, well presented

Evangelism and Christmas presents

Sally S.
United States United States

America In Bible Prophecy

This magazine is amazing! After high school graduation at age 18, I was awake while everyone else slept. I was going over and over in my head what I was doing to do with me life when God spoke to me, saying, “Read your Bible, Sally, and I will show you the way.” I went into my room, and brought my Bible to the kitchen and laid it on the table. As I opened the pages, they stopped at Exodus 20:10, and these words were lit up: “The 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God.” Then I had a movie picture of my mother and me going to church with our neighbor lady! It was the 7th day Adventist church! My mother never made a decision; and my family shut me out after leaving the Lutheran Church; but I never looked back! God is so good. 20 years later another sister called me and wanted Bible studies (she was 15 when I heard God speak to me); and Linda is a committed SDA today! I received this magazine in the mail a few months ago. When I was on the phone a few weeks ago, my youngest sister asked me if I was sitting down. Then she said, “The 7th day is the Sabbath; and the Pope is a mess!" She told me that she has two tablets filled with information on the Sabbath from her research, which brought conviction to her heart. She started with a making a prayer room in her house and prayed several times daily. Then the subject of the 7th day Sabbath entered her mind. She did a research and was convicted that the 7th way was the true Sabbath. She was 10 when I joined the church, but would not accept any Bible truth until she studied it for herself. I sent her this magazine that I received in the mail which some SDA church in the area must have mailed to the entire area. We moved in the area one year ago. After sending her the magazine, I then ordered 2 more because It was the best presentation of America in Prophecy that I’ve ever read and wanted to have an additional magazine to share with someone God directs me to. She is sharing with her son and wife too. I will be back to order more different magazines from you! Your method of sharing the Gospel and truth is simply amazing!!! Thank you!! I am. Thankful for you ministry!!

Joyce K.
United States United States

America in Prophecy

Good. I hand them out to homes in different neighborhoods in my area. I think I the info is current (except for the current president, but you can easily change that for future printings). I gave it to a Russian friend and she commented on how beautiful the mag is. She didn’t understand the explanation of 666, though. Overall, I hope that God is using all the mags I have distributed to pique the interest of people to watch what is happening in our world, check it out in the Bible and make ready for the arrival of Jesus !

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America in Bible Prophecy Magazine by Amazing Facts