Amazing Facts Mass-Mailing Bundle by Amazing Facts

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Amazing Facts Mass-Mailing Bundle by Amazing Facts

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Get all of Amazing Facts’ mass-mailing resources in our sample bundle—23 in all! These Bible-based materials were specially designed for churches and individuals to send out to their diverse communities to raise interest and lead others to seek more Bible truth.

Try it out! This power-packed bundle will help you to carefully review and choose from Amazing Facts’ best mass-mailing resources—11 magazines, 7 sharing DVDs, 4 books, and 1 Study Guide —covering topics like health, the USA in prophecy, death, the afterlife, the Bible Sabbath, and more. Each resource features life-changing, convicting explanations—and it all comes at a discounted price.

Bundle includes:

11 Magazines

  • Kingdoms in Time (Fulfilled Bible Prophecies)
  • The Final Events of Bible Prophecy
  • The Afterlife Mystery
  • The Day of the Lord (Second Coming)
  • Amazing Health Facts!
  • Hidden Truth: Amazing Bible Facts Revealed! (Doctrine)
  • Daniel & Revelation (Prophecy)
  • The Rest of Your Life! (Sabbath)
  • A Divine Design (Sanctuary)
  • America in Bible Prophecy
  • The Bible Truth About Hell

7 Sharing DVDs

  • Amazing Health Facts!
  • The Final Events of Bible Prophecy
  • Cosmic Conflict: The Origin of Evil
  • Revelation: The Bride, the Beast, and Babylon
  • Kingdoms in Time
  • Lake of Fire
  • The Richest Caveman with BONUS Kingdoms in Time

4 Books

  • The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem
  • Footsteps: A Closer Walk with Jesus
  • The Pathway to Peace 
  • The Beast, the Dragon & the Woman 

And a copy of the mailing edition of Study Guide #1!

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    Convenient way to plant seeds

    People are so busy and easily distracted, so finding time to have one-on-one bible study with them is difficult, so it's easier and more convenient to have a beautifully magazine, pocketbook or track to hand them that they can take with them and read when they find time. I plant the seeds and let the Holy Spirit water them. I pray they land in fertile soil, grow and bear good fruit!



    The magazines are beautifully done and the CD's are great for sharing. Sending the magazines to a prisoner. Praying they will be received!



    Wonderful for the whole family to enjoy


    mass bundle

    I liked the price for all you got I'm on fixed income an this allows people like me give out witness materials to others. I just wish there was a place to put information for local church etc. Thank-you amazing facts for these bundles


    Great bundle!

    This was an excellent bundle of mass mailing materials. I went through and read every piece. Really good stuff!


    Amazing sharing bundle but also great for personal Bible study!

    I bought these to share with those around me but my kid ended up being really interested in the magazines that I will order even more. The bundle price is so worth it and it covers most topics that you will encounter when talking to people. I love having these high quality resources to share with others. In a time when personal contact is a little more difficult, leaving some very attractive and thorough material for further thought is a great way to still share.


    Great resource to complement Bible study!

    These studies help clarify and amplify the historical, scientific, and spiritual truths found in the Holy Scriptures! Highly recommend these study booklets to believers and to curious non-believers as these study guides will enlighten all desiring Bible understanding.clarification and truth !

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