Amazing Facts' Complete Classic Radio Series (MP3) by Joe Crews

Publisher: Amazing Facts
Author: Joe Crews

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It all started for Amazing Facts in 1965 when co-founder Joe Crews first hosted the classic Amazing Facts radio broadcast. His engaging style and a format that tied an interesting amazing fact to a short Bible lesson combined to make it an instant success.

Now you can own the entire collection of these classic radio presentations!

More than 400 broadcasts on FIVE compact discs provide hours of enjoyable food for thought.

Get your set today!

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Derek B.
United States United States

Frank, Well-researched Preaching

I first heard and enjoyed Elder Crews' radio messages years ago as a college student, but now they have an even greater impact on me, Essentially, they are as timely and relevant as when they were first given, for they sometimes bravely and tactfully cover subjects that are mostly avoided today, giving a clear, persuasive perspective on them. This is just the kind of preaching for which the church is languishing....

Australia Australia


I would recommend these to anyone. They are very informative and I would describe them as even being uplifting and inspirational. Joe Crews has a very passionate and engaging way in which he presents his topics. I thoroughly enjoy listening to his sermons. Do yourself a favour and purchase these CD's. They are great.

Bismarck, ND


I was suprised at how much material is in each DVD It is very informative and easy to listen to.


An Outstanding Collection!!!

These classic radio presentations are amazing and well worth the money! Joe Crews, just like Doug Batchelor was a very gifted speaker, and presented Bible teachings in a very clear and understandable way. His joy and excitement about God's Holy Word comes across very strongly in these radio broadcasts and they are very uplifting to listen to. I highly recommend this wonderful collection!

Lehighton, PA


How did Amazing Facts get Joe Crews AND then Doug Batchelor after him ? It's simple... God works for the good of those who Love Him and are called according to His purpose ! Friends, Amazing Facts is going on 50 years of having quite simply the most outstanding preachers I've ever known... both born again, each with incredible maturity and passion in accurately relating God's Love and Truth as revealed in His Word. Joe Crews is an amazing preacher whose enthusiasm for the Word of God can help pick up your Spirit in an instant. I have no doubt that God's Heart smiles whenever He thinks of Joe Crews, and so will yours. Except for a Bible, don't purchase one more thing in life before buying this set of sermons... you will never regret it.

Joe Crews

Joe CrewsKnown for his deep baritone voice and soul-stirring ability to share the quintessential gospel of Christ, Joe Crews was the co-founder of the multifaceted, international ministry of Amazing Facts and its first speaker. Plucked from his pastoral and evangelist role in Louisville, Kentucky, Joe Crews hosted the Amazing Facts radio broadcast, a daily 15-minute Bible program that opened with an interesting scientific or historic fact—a hallmark of Amazing Facts programming still today.

Joe Crews passionate an engaging personality filters through his many books and articles, written for Amazing Facts publishing and for periodicals around the world. He is the author of dozens of topical sharing books, Souls Under Siege, Creeping Compromise, Reaping the Whirlwind, Answers to Difficult Bible Texts, and more.

Amazing Facts' Complete Classic Radio Series (MP3) by Joe Crews