Amazing Facts Study Guides Complete Set (1-27) by Bill May
Amazing Facts Study Guides Complete Set (1-27) by Bill May
Amazing Facts Study Guides Complete Set (1-27) by Bill May

Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts Study Guides Complete Set (1-27) by Bill May

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Our bestselling Bible lessons have already helped tens of thousands around the world discover the many vital, inspiring truths of the Bible—and now it’s your turn! You’re going to love the colorful, eye-catching graphics, amazing facts, and the easy-to-understand, step-by-step learning that will help you better grasp the Bible’s most vital teachings clearly and completely.

Excellent for personal study or with a group, these winsome, uplifting lessons will bring you and those you share them with faith, hope, and clarity.

Conveniently packaged in beautiful, full-color envelopes.

Introductory Lessons
Study Guide 1:
Is There Anything Left You Can Trust?
Study Guide 2: Did God Create the Devil?
Study Guide 3: Saved from Certain Death
Study Guide 4: A Colossal City in Space
Study Guide 5: Keys for a Happy Marriage
Study Guide 6: Written in Stone!
Study Guide 7: The Lost Day of History
Study Guide 8: Ultimate Deliverance
Study Guide 9: Purity and Power!
Study Guide 10: Are the Dead Really Dead?
Study Guide 11: Is the Devil in Charge of Hell?
Study Guide 12: 1,000 Years of Peace
Study Guide 13: God’s Free Health Plan
Study Guide 14: Is Obedience Legalism?

Advanced Lessons
Study Guide 15: Who Is the Antichrist?
Study Guide 16: Angel Messages from Space
Study Guide 17: God Drew the Plans
Study Guide 18: Right on Time!
Study Guide 19: The Final Judgment
Study Guide 20: The Mark of the Beast
Study Guide 21: The United States in Bible Prophecy
Study Guide 22: The “Other” Woman
Study Guide 23: The Bride of Christ
Study Guide 24: Does God Inspire Astrologists and Psychics?
Study Guide 25: In God We Trust?
Study Guide 26: A Love that Transforms
Study Guide 27: No Turning Back

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Gregory G.
United States

Amazing facts study guides

Great set for learning and Bible study.

Daniel T.
United States United States

I love you guys

Larry B.
United States United States

Study Guide 1-27

I love it I am not quite d one but I love it .

Ann H.
United States United States

Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides

My overall experience was very good. Thanks!

Steve S.
United States United States

God's Way to Get ******

I have yet to meet Brother Bill May, but when I do, I will greet him with a big hug and an even bigger smile. For a rock-solid foundation, magnifying the solid Rock, direct from the Rock of Ages, be prepared for the Rock's Return to Rock this Planet -Plan-it today. See you in the Rock's Kingdom.

Amy S.
United States United States

Incredible study guides

The information in these study guides is absolutely invaluable. They have put all of the most hard to talk about and controversial concepts and topics from the Bible and put them into an easily understandable context with only biblical references to back them up. These have been such a blessing to us and our family in so many ways. The study guides are a must have for every household and make the Bible come to life! These couldn’t be more well put together and I’m so thankful to amazing facts for these study guides. I want to buy so many more and give them out to everyone I know!! This is such a wonderful series that will bless so many with the undeniable truth rooted in the Bible.

Julie C.
United States United States


I have already gave them to a friend and she has done one so far but she is really searching for the truth. These are going to be very helpful to her. And then I’m giving my best friend is it this weekend to help her in her search for God. Please pray for them Maddie and Michelle

Audrey A.
United States United States

Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides

These are the best Bible Studies I've ever used. They have Bible verses to go along with the questions. along with pictures and they are clearly stated. I love them!!!They are the BEST!!

archie s.
United States United States

Great! Received my order quick.

Chris H.
United States United States

Amazing Facts Study Guides

These are great studies for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with God.

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