NASB Amazing Illustrated Bible (Softcover) by Editorial Safeliz

Publisher: Amazing Facts

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Beautiful full-color softcover version!

The Amazing Illustrated Bible is a good way to bring kids, as well as adults, to a personal encounter with Jesus.

– It is a complete edition of the Holy Scriptures with more than 500 beautiful images that facilitate the assimilation of the great lessons of the Word of God.
– New American Standard Bible (NASB).
– Word and image are two great pillars in the educative development of the human beings. When combined wisely, they result highly effective; not only because they make understanding certain concepts easier, but also memorizing.

Illustrated Bible: an excellent combination of words and images to understand the sacred message. The beautiful illustrations of this Bible ease the comprehension of heaven’s message.

NASB Amazing Illustrated Bible (Softcover) by Editorial Safeliz