Afacts Tracts (100/pack): Are You Safely Sailing?  by Amazing Facts
Afacts Tracts (100/pack): Are You Safely Sailing?  by Amazing Facts
Afacts Tracts (100/pack): Are You Safely Sailing?  by Amazing Facts
Afacts Tracts (100/pack): Are You Safely Sailing?  by Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts

Afacts Tracts (100/pack): Are You Safely Sailing? by Amazing Facts

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Afacts Tracts (100/pack): Are You Safely Sailing? by Amazing Facts


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BRAND NEW Amazing Facts Tracts! 
(Topic: Safely)

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Equip yourself, your members, your personal ministries team, and your outreach events with these colorful, inexpensive, eye-catching tracts that can be spread out like the leaves of autumn.

Each topic introduces a central Bible topic and then links the reader to free Bible studies and a free resource that can be downloaded simply by sending a text message. Watch for more popular topics coming soon!

Text on Tract:

The youngest person to sail solo across the Atlantic Ocean was David Sandeman of the United Kingdom. In 1976, the 17-year-old attempted to enter the OSTAR race but was too young to officially qualify. He unofficially launched his 35-foot Sea Raider anyway, after the last boat had left. Singlehandedly, he sailed between the U.K. and Rhode Island in 43 days. Halfway across the Atlantic, a Russian trawler struck the Sea Raider during a storm. It never saw the sailboat, but then hauled it on board and helped repair it enough so that Sandeman could finish the race. David’s amazing feat is a Guinness World Record.

It’s tough sailing in today’s world, isn’t it? Broken homes, school shootings, bullying, and harmful things on the Internet and social media are enough to sink anyone’s boat. How can you sail into a brighter future without sinking?

You might be surprised at the number of stories in the Bible about boats and ships. Each of them provides trustworthy advice on sailing through the roughest storms of life. The seas are not always smooth, but arriving safely at your destination is guaranteed!

 Here are 5 Bible stories with boatloads of truth for smooth sailing!


  1. Baby in a Boat

Pharaoh hated seeing so many Hebrew people in Egypt. He decided to put a stop to their growing numbers by having the newborns and toddlers thrown into the Nile River to drown. But a God-fearing Hebrew mother hid her baby, Moses, for as long as possible. One day, she made a basket-boat from bulrushes, put Moses inside the basket, and floated it down the Nile. When one of Pharaoh’s daughters discovered the baby, she decided to raise him as her own. Eventually, God used Moses to bring freedom to the Hebrew people.

Takeaway: God deeply cares about you and has a great plan for your life. Choose daily to obey and follow His commands and watch for His leading. (Read the whole story in Exodus 2:1–10.)

  1. Running from God

Jonah was called by God to give a warning message to the rebellious people of Nineveh. But he didn’t want to go—so he boarded a boat and sailed in the opposite direction. But when a storm threatened to sink his vessel, Jonah had the captain throw him overboard.

When Jonah hit the water, the storm stopped. God then sent a large sea creature to swallow Jonah. For three days, Jonah prayed and reflected in the belly of the enormous beast. God then had the fish spit out Jonah onto the shore. The reluctant prophet then went to Nineveh and preached, and the people turned to God and were saved from disaster.

Takeaway: Have you ever wanted to do something other than what you should? You can’t run away from God, but there is perfect peace and eternal life when we submit to His will!

  1. Calm in a Storm

Jesus and His disciples were traveling in a boat across the Sea of Galilee at night. Suddenly, a storm came up and threatened to sink the ship. As the disciples worked to save the vessel, Jesus slept under the stern. When the disciples cried out to Jesus for help, He stood, raised His hands, and spoke to the storm, saying, “Peace, be still!” Immediately, the winds died down.

Takeaway: In today’s hectic world, families are battered like a ship in a storm. At times, it seems as though we’re going to sink. But Jesus knows your predicament and wants you to call to Him for help. He can calm any storm and see you through. (Read the whole story in Mark 4:35–41.)

  1. God’s Protection

When God saw the extreme wickedness in the world, He told Noah to build a large boat to endure a soon-coming global flood. The only humans to board the boat were Noah and his family. They were ridiculed by the wicked people who were later lost when the rains came, but the Lord protected Noah’s family and brought them safely through the storm.

Takeaway: The Bible tells us that the wickedness in Noah’s day will happen again at the end of the world. We see rampant evil all around us today. Families need the sheltering protection of God, which is one reason we need a strong Bible-believing church family. (Read the whole story in Genesis 6, 7, and 8.)

  1. Paul’s Shipwreck

The apostle Paul, a bold follower of Jesus, was persecuted for sharing his faith. He was captured and put aboard a prison ship bound for Rome. Along the way, the vessel encountered a severe storm.

When the captain of the boat thought all would be lost, Paul assured him that God would save everyone who stayed aboard. The ship ran aground on an island, and everyone made it to shore.

Takeaway: Even when our best plans don’t work out or insurmountable problems arise in our families, God doesn’t abandon us. Paul was shipwrecked three times, yet God never left him. When we stay close to Jesus, we will be rescued and live forever with Him in heaven. (Read the whole story in Acts chapter 27.)

Living in our world today is like sailing on a ship. We all need wisdom to help guide us through the storms of life, storms filled with strong winds and choppy waves. Like David Sandeman, we are bound to encounter problems. But by following the Bible as a guide and staying close to our heavenly Captain, we can be sure that we’ll reach our destination.

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